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the message of the marketing piece and make sure
        Third, strategically place your social proof throughout   it stands out. Use a photo of the person giving the
        your website right before any calls to action. Again,   testimonial or review because peoples’ attention is
        your social proof is there to remind and assure them   naturally drawn to faces. Provide as much detail as
        that they are making the right decision and should act   possible about the person as well. The more info you
        now. Imagine that testimonial or review from your best   provide, the more believable it will be.
        client as a friend right there to give them that last little   If you are mailing out your printed materials, make
        bit of encouragement to move forward.                  sure that you include a call to action that drives them
        Email…Your perfect messenger                           to go to your website to check out your five-star
        As we all know, email is still a great way to reach    reviews. Again, they may not actually do it, but by
                                                               putting the call to action in your ad you are confirming
        potential customers and walk them down the path of     in their mind that you do have five-star reviews and
        conversion. I personally use several automated email   can be trusted.
        campaigns that deliver perfectly timed messages to
        our prospects, and each email is built around a benefit   These three simple ways to integrate social proof into
        or result that is backed by a compelling piece of social   your marketing have generated millions of dollars in
        proof.                                                 revenue for both our company and our clients and
                                                               I know that when you implement them into your
        For example, one email I send out about the SoTellUs   business you will close clients faster and for more
        Review Marketing System highlights the system’s        money. If you would like to learn how to automate the
        ability capture video reviews in less than 30 seconds   capture and marketing of your social proof check out
        and market them through the businesses’ social         this video: or reach out to me at
        media sites to drive new sales. The email then features
        a video of a SoTellUs customer sharing a story of
        how they captured a video review using SoTellUs and
        how it went viral generating several new jobs for his    Troy Howard’s passion for combining technology
        company.                                                 and marketing has been a driving force in his
        You should never send out an email without some          life, leading him from selling Yellow Page ads to
        form of social proof. To ensure that never happens       becoming the youngest executive of a publicly
        at a minimum you should include a link in your           traded marketing company producing over $160
        email signature to the social proof on your website.     Million in Annual Revenue. Troy ultimately started
        Use wording like “Click Here to check out our 5 Star     his own marketing agency with 3,800 clients in 27
        Reviews!” Even if the person does not click on the link,   countries.
        you have subconsciously planted in their mind that
        you provide 5-Star Service and results.                  Troy’s current business is another industry
        Print…Let them touch and feel your proof!                disruptor in online reviews and referrals. He
        Just like you should never send out an email without     launched SoTellUs, the world’s only review
        including social proof, you should never send out        platform that let’s businesses instantly capture
        printed materials without it. The one downside to        video, audio and written reviews from their
        printed marketing is that you are limited on how         customers using an app in less than 30 seconds.
        much content you can deliver at any given time due       The very best reviews are automatically marketed
        to the size of the printed material. Every square inch   online for businesses through websites, social
        is valuable real estate and you must maximize the        media sites and search engines. This combination
        converting power of everything that is included. That    of video reviews, powerful review marketing and
        is why social proof is so important in your printed      automated referral system has changed the review
                                                                 industry as we know it.
        Choose a piece of social proof that is aligned with

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