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Infinite Impact,

                                                                     Finite Time in Your


                                                                     By Dan Khuu

                    hile the world makes a shift in their      tools in my search for the best day-to-day organizer.
                    thinking about what it takes for “work”    Whether you are a fan of daily planners with lush
        Wto get done, we as entrepreneurs have                 leather bounds and gold embossing of the year on
        always known what it takes: boundless energy, never-   the front, an electronic PDA back in the Palm and
        ending drive, and the ability to lace up your sneakers   Handspring days, or using a hybrid of your computer
        or boots to just get the job done. We can all do work.   and smartphone with a cloud-connected calendar,
        The differences between cubicle dwellers and the       none seem to automatically build in travel time, or
        entrepreneurs making a difference in the world may     even block out time for the end of your day to sort
        list in the hundreds (or thousands), but the hardest   out your notes, get those business cards added to
        part to pin down may be how you make the most of       your contact database, or anything else that requires
        your time.                                             follow-up.
                                                               Blocking out 15-20 minutes to drive from one meeting
        Allow me to explain.                                   to another should be built into your schedule if you are

        Saying my weekly schedule is busy is like saying it    not already doing it. Your personal virtual assistant
        gets a little hot in Phoenix during summer. I work a   comprised of metal, plastic, silicon, and rare earth
        day job to supplement my income; I spearhead the       metals in your pocket will tell you WHEN you should
        marketing efforts for a company founded with two       start driving somewhere, but what good does that do
        partners; I assist another small business owner with   if someone uses your Calendly, Setmore, or whichever
        her business website, social media interactions,       appointment setting applet you utilize to schedule an
        contracts, and bookings. If that is not enough, I also   appointment the direct 30 minutes before your 10AM
        work on the marketing efforts with another person on   meeting downtown, when you should be driving?!
        a new venture.                                         Also, consider the end of your day part of what is
        Maintaining a semblance of sanity and organization is   considered your power time! You should be sending
        critical for keeping day-to-day operations in line with   out follow-up emails, ensuring contacts are added to
        waking hours.                                          your phone (or Outlook, or Google), and plotting your

                                                               strategies for the next day. And if part of that strategy
        Making the Time for Yourself                           includes closing your eyes to catch a power nap, that
                                                               is just fine, too. Your energy level is just as important
        Another important point for your schedule should       as your time, and you should safeguard both.
        include time for yourself. I have used many calendar

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