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Social Proof



                                                                     By Troy Howard

             n my previous article, I taught you the importance  building you ask your five raving fans to wait in the car
             of social proof and how to effectively capture it to   while you go make the sale on your own. You would
        Igrow your business. Now I am going to teach you  be crazy to leave your best clients in the car instead
        3 ways to integrate that same social proof into your   of letting them rave about you to the potential client!
        marketing just like the top businesses in the world.   That is what happens if you don’t fill your website with
        This proven method will walk your prospective clients   social proof.
        down a well-crafted path to purchase from you.          That is why the first place you want to start adding
                                                               your social proof is on your website. This is one of the
        Stop Selling Yourself                                  most visited sources of information about you. Most

        Over the past 22 years, I have worked with thousands   people will fill their website with pages and pages of
        of small business owners. One of the biggest mistakes  photos, quotes, and tons of sales content.  Then as an
        they make is focusing too much on selling themselves   afterthought they will squeeze a few testimonials onto
        and their services in their marketing instead of letting   the bottom of their homepage and bury a testimonials
        others sell for them. I’m not talking about hiring a   page somewhere in their website that no one will ever
        salesforce to hit the streets. I’m talking about creating   see. Does that make any sense? Are they bringing their
        a group of clients that are fanatical super fans and   raving fans to the meeting or locking them in the car?
        leveraging their stories to create marketing that will   First, you need to have raving reviews or testimonials
        close sales every time. Numbers don’t lie, people will   on your homepage in the top half of your website. They
        believe your fans more than they will ever believe you   need to be visible right away and stand out. Website
        when it comes to talking about what you can do for     visitors will skim your content but they will stop and
        them, so stop selling yourself and let your super fans   check out social proof, especially reviews because
        do it.                                                 they are third party verified and therefore are more
         Website…Your 24/7 Salesperson                         believable and trustworthy.
        Imagine you are driving to a meeting with a potential   Second, you need to have a page dedicated just to
        client that you want to sign up and you have your five   reviews. Don’t call it testimonials because people are
        best clients in the car with you. The whole ride over   trained to skip over testimonials and look for reviews.
        they are telling you how awesome you are and what      Put all your reviews and testimonials on this page,
        a great job you did for them. You reach the meeting    especially if they are videos. People will watch a video
        location, jump out of the car, and before you enter the   review before they will read testimonials.

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