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How To Make Money

                                                             Work For You

                                                                                        by Diana Hooker

        What would it feel like to have  The first principle is identifying  though  my  life  reflected  the
        complete clarity, certainty,  your  emotional  connection  opposite of abundance, my
        and freedom when it comes to  with money. I heard Suze  impression was that the money
        money? Priceless, right?             Orman,      personal      finance  was there when we needed it,
                                             expert,  say  that  our  first  and that is exactly how it has
        We would all love to understand  impression of money is how it  shown up in my life again and
        how money works, and know  shows up in our life. I was born  again. It is important to delve
        that we have enough wealth to  and raised in Harlan County, a  deep  to  discover  your  initial
        live life abundantly, and have  small coal mining town nestled  relationship  with  money  and
        security  to give generously  in  the  beautiful  Appalachian  search for the pattern of how
        while we pursue our passions.  Mountains             of     southeast it  has developed in your life.
        Often, there can be confusion        Kentucky.       Although       my  By identifying this association,
        between how hard we work  reality may have been entirely  you will have clarity  of  how
        and what we have to show for  different,            my      childhood  money works for you.
        it. There can be a disconnect  perspective about money was
        between how some have  that if my mom wrote a check,  The                        second      principle    is
        everything come easily and  the funds were there. My                     creating  the  relationship  you
        how it seems others have less  parents had divorced when I  want with  money.  I  am sure
        and struggle.                        was two. My mom, my brother,  you have heard the saying,
                                             and  I lived  with my maternal  “If you want it done right, do
        We may feel we are imprisoned  grandmother. While my mom  it yourself.” This  is  a  perfect
        in  a  cycle  of  finally  getting  studied for her GED and then  time  to  take  that  adage.  You
        ahead  only  to  be  pushed  attended  nursing  school  to  have  identified  your  bond
        back again. I have discovered  become an LPN, we were on  with money; now you need to
        there  are  three  foundational  welfare. We had a roof over  analyze if it is actually working
        principles that can help you  our heads, a coal stove heating  for  you.  You  need  to  create
        with your personal and your  our home, and food to eat, but  the right image of wealth for
        business finances.                   there were no luxuries. Even  yourself.

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