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One of my favorite stories involve  lose and love again. We’re giving  Jeff  and  Donna  are  international
        a friend  who is a LegalShield  people permission, Brian.                 bestselling     authors       and
        member. He got a letter from his                                          empowerment  advocates who
        HOA that said he had weeds in  And I didn’t set out thinking that  specialize in guiding entrepreneurs
        his yard, and it’s a $25 fine.       way, but that’s what the feedback  and individuals alike. After the loss
                                             has been. And it’s just a beautiful  of  Donna’s  husband  in  2016,  her
        This man has a yard service twice  mission to be on.                      message  of healing  and self-care
        a week,  so  called  the  HOA  and                                        via her vlog, “Daily Dose A Donna”
        said he doesn’t have weeds in his  Jeff:  That’s been surprising,  took the media by storm. Her unique
        yard. They said, “You did and you  because  people  tell us, “I just  message  of  being  intentional  and
        pay the $25 or we’ll put a lien on  didn’t  realize that  I could love  readjusting to life after loss, offers
        your house.” The HOA was sent  again and not feel guilty about it. strategic yet simple, and effective
        a  letter  from  the  attorney  that                                      tools providing inspiration, clarity,
        said, “Unless  you  can  provide a  Brian: Your  show  is  called  The  and purpose  for  those  looking  to
        picture of the weeds or produce  Meador  Affect. It starts  in May,  flourish.  Donna’s  new  husband,
        three witnesses willing to testify  right?                                Jeff,  took  his  message  of  how  to
        in court that they saw  weeds                                             be an alpha male while supporting
        —  you are to cease and desist       Jeff: Yes, we will be on the iSHE    a strong  woman  to social media
        immediately  and  withdraw  all      TV  Network  once  a  week.  And     with  his  vlog,  “The  Men  Behind
        fines or we’ll take action.”         they’ll  put  us  on  four  different   The  Power.”  In  2020,  they  won
                                             times  slots  every  week.  Right    the  Forbes  Riley’s  Excelly  “Power
        The problem went away because        now,  we are doing a live            Couple  of  Excellence”  Award  and
        no one’s going to call a $300 an     presentation on Facebook.            co-created  “The  Meador  Affect”
        hour lawyer for a $25 problem        Our tagline is “It is our sincere    soon  to  be  found  on  iSHE-TV
        until now.                           desire that The Meador Affect has    throughout the world.

                                             an Effect on you”.
        Donna:  We do a  weekly show                                              Additionally,  people  all  across
        currently on social media where      Brian: Donna,  you  mentioned        the  United States and Canada
        we’re now empowering people,         your book earlier.                   reach out to them to get enrolled
        not  only  with  the  legal system,                                       with  LegalShield,  a  subscription-
        but  bringing forth  what the        Donna:    The book I  wrote          based  service.  Benefits  include
        world needs right now, which is      originally is called  DATING:  It’s   legal counsel, estate planning, will
        feeling good, laughing, and love.    Not Personal.  I  started  writing   preparation,  document  review,
        We will be taking it to television   that  because  I  started  dating    traffic  ticket  resolution,  adoption
        very shortly.                        when I was in my mid-forties and     assistance to name a few.
                                             realized there  was something
        Jeff: Our program  is primarily      missing. But when I started dating   Their passion  to empower others
        dealing  with showing people         my husband, I went back to my        has  won  them  numerous  trips,
        that  you can have  a  successful    own  blueprint.  And  I’m  in  the   earned    them    Top    Recruiter
        relationship.  You  can  do  what    process of writing another book      Recognition,  achieved  the  Rising
        you love to do, you can love each    about grieving and intimacy.         Star Award in 2016, and has held a
        other. And then we are going to                                           “Bonus Level” for 112+ consecutive
        be giving them things every week     Brian:  How can we find you?         months.  Donna knew from  the
        on how to be more successful in                                           moment she discovered  this
        the thing that matters the most,     Donna:  We can  be found             empowering  service  in  2011,  she
        which  is  your  relationship  with   anywhere    on    social   media    would be an advocate forever and
        the  people  you  care about  and    as  well,  but  our  email  is                                         recruited Jeff into the business.  He
        love.                                    then turned around and recruited
                                                                                  her to be his wife and the rest, as
        Donna: It’s been a result  of        Brian: Thank  you so  much  for      they say, is history.
        showing people that it’s okay to     being here.

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