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Success Is An

                                                           Inside Operation!

                                                                                 by Rich Parsons

        As an entrepreneur, it’s so easy to get caught up in the comparison trap. Those that we learn from, aspire to
        be, and use as a growth mechanism are often the same people we use to “trap” ourselves in the comparison

        How can we navigate the waters  One of my top coaching practices  When  you  properly complete
        of  aspirational  success  without  before moving into any new project  this step,  you  are then able to
        falling victim  to  the  trap  that we  with a client, as  well as my own  move  forward  in  creating  goals,
        often set so perfectly? We dig the  projects, is to complete a 3-step  objectives,  and  action  steps  to
        hole, create the cover, and then  Mindset Inventory Exercise™ to  start the process.
        step right into it.                  gain clarity and focus.
                                                                                  3) Have you determined why it’s
        Why is that?                         When accomplished properly,  important to be successful?
                                             this can add a level of certainty to
        Have you, at any point, looked at  an  often  unknown  area  of  focus.  The desire to be successful  can
        where  you are and felt that  you  Getting the best results from this  be broken down through a series
        should’ve been further along?        exercise  requires  an  open  mind  of  simple  questions,  and  telling
                                             and a level of honesty in your self-  responses, to get to the root of it
        Have  you  taken  time  to  ask  reflection.                              all.
        yourself, “WHY?”
                                             2) Have you defined success, as it  If  you have ever completed a
        What is keeping  you from  relates to what you are wanting to  problem-solving exercise using
        achieving the success  you  want  accomplish?                             the Ishikawa Diagram, named after
        and the outcome you desire?                                               Kaoru  Ishikawa,  you’ve basically
                                             Often  times,  we  are  delayed  in  walked  out  this  exercise.  You
        Keeping in mind that “Success is  our success because  we haven’t  simply ask, “Why is [your response
        an  inside  operation,”  I  share  five  defined what success looks like for  to  previous  question]  important
        questions to help line you up for  that particular scenario. When we  to you? Each response brings you
        success.                             define it and shape some form of  closer to the deep-rooted cause.
                                             measurement, we are then able to
        1) Have you conducted a Mindset  better  focus  our  efforts  on  what
        Inventory?                           will create the desired outcome.

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