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Tim says, “I don’t do anything I’m  Alternative  ways  of  generating  “If  we set  out  to serve the
        not good at. Instead, I leverage  cash  flow  are  important  to  share  community,”     Tim    says,   “we
        my  referral  relationships.”  He  not only with single moms but also  accomplish much more. It doesn’t
        has  conversations  every  day  with young entrepreneurs. If you’re  have to be that hard.”
        with business owners. He asks  a successful business owner, look
        questions  to  find  out  how  he  around for those around you who
        can serve them.  Then, he makes  are unemployable. Offer to mentor  Lori Lynn is  the  co-founder of
        referrals.                           them. You never know whose life      DragonflyWings.Ink     and     the
                                             you’re going to impact—and how       ghostwriter and editor behind more
        But he doesn’t make referrals for  many more lives will be impacted       than  a  dozen  bestselling  books.
        free—he gets a percentage of each  as a result.                           Timothy R. Johnson is the co-author
        closed contract. He calls this his
        “mailbox money” because all he  When Tim was running the streets          of S.O.L.D. and the founder of Global
        has to do is make a phone call  and selling drugs, his mentor said,       Renegade.
        and then a check shows up in his  “If  you  can sling drugs,  you  can
        mailbox. “Easy money,” he says.  sling  business.  You’ll  make  a  lot   Tim,  whose  biological  father  was
        Ah, spoken like a true operator.     more money, and you won’t go to  executed  on  death  row,  grew  up
                                             jail.”                               being referred to as “the serial killer’s
        It’s  not hard to make  thousands                                         kid.” It took years for him to realize
        of dollars in mailbox money. It      Today, Tim checks in with hundreds   that he didn’t have to own the labels
        just takes a little effort to find out   of connections on a daily to weekly   he had been given. He began to see
        what  your network needs and         basis. He also mentors a  young      his story as a gift instead of a curse.
        start making connections. Instead    group  of entrepreneurs  who call
        of  spending  time  on  things  you   themselves “The Leftovers.”         Lori met Tim shortly after her divorce.
        could outsource, you could profit    “Kids  would  quit  selling  drugs  if
        far more by making phone calls.      they were selling something where    As  a  full-time  homeschooling  mom
                                                                                  of three child actors, she didn’t need
                                             they could make more money and
        That’s how  you get back  your       not risk going to jail,” says Tim.   a job—she needed  a business.  As
        most  important  nonrenewable                                             Tim  helped  Lori  scale  her  business,
        resource—your time.                  Tim  helps  the unemployable         Lori helped Tim capture in words the
                                             outcasts     become      renegade    lessons he’s learned from 33 sisters
        When you  leverage your  referral    entrepreneurs by taking  what        among 14 foster homes.
        partners, you not only free up time   they’ve learned on the streets and
        for  yourself but  you also create   applying it to business. “You’ve got  Lori and Tim are co-writing the book
        business  opportunities  for  other   to build relationship capital on the  Unemployable  for  the  people  who
        entrepreneurs,    and    everyone    streets or you don’t survive. It’s all  feel like  outcasts—the  risk-takers
        profits.                             about your connections and who’s  and the rule-breakers—to help them
                                             got your back.”                      become  problem-solving,  business-
        Once     she    understood      his
        referral system, Lori immediately    Through Global Renegade,  Tim        building,  world-changers.  Join  the
        implemented  Tim’s  framework.       trains  entrepreneurs  how  to  lose   family  at
        She  now  receives  the  equivalent   the labels that aren’t serving them,   groups/happilyunemployable
        of part-time job income from her     how to dream big, and how to
        referral  partners  but  without the   create the kind of life they want.
        time  commitment.  No  commute.
        No wear and tear on her car. No      There’s     more      power     in
        need for a new  wardrobe. No         relationships than we realize, and
        boss. For a single mom of three      when  we leverage our referral
        young performers, this is an ideal   partners by recommending them
        situation.                           and receiving a referral fee, making

                                             money becomes as easy as making
                                             a phone call.

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