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Empowering People

                                                            To Start Again

                                                            After Loss

                                                                              by Brian K. Wright

                                                               with Donna and Jeff Meador

         Brian:  Welcome, Donna and Jeff.  Brian: Fantastic. How about you,  This         program    includes    the
         How did you decide to do what  Jeff?                                     living will, the durable power of
         you’re doing right now?                                                  attorney,  and  medical  power  of
                                             Jeff: We jokingly tell people we  attorney. So, it allows us to help
         Donna:  After the 2008 recession,  met online and on our first date,  people  be in a stronger place.
         I moved to Arizona. I was looking  she actually recruited me into the  That mission is exciting to us.
         for  a  way  to  make  residual  business and shortly thereafter, I
         income  because  I was  living  off  recruited her.                      Brian: Tell us about a successful
         credit cards.                                                            client that you’ve worked with.
                                             Brian:  Great!   Tell   us   more
         That’s  when I discovered a         specifically you are doing in the  Donna:    I’ve  had  so  many
         company      called   LegalShield   marketplace.                         successful  clients.  And  what  I
         and learned that there are legal                                         love is that it ranges from people
         plans available that make access    Donna:  What we  do  is we  who  can’t  afford  an  attorney
         to  attorneys  affordable  for      provide     people    with    legal  and  people  who  can  afford  an
         everyone.                           protection  at  an  extremely  attorney, but don’t want to spend
                                             affordable monthly rate. It gives  $400 or $500 an hour for them.
         I  wanted to be a rep because  I    people  the  opportunity to have
         loved the  message that  we’re      the very same power that every  People are now understanding
         able to assist everyone. But even   celebrity or every rich person in  that legal plans are here to stay,
         more, I liked the idea of being an   this country has.                   Brian.  They’ve  been  around for
         empowerment  coach,  because                                             50 years. We’ve been doing this
         I  empower women who  are           They’re protected for about $25  for 10. We’re empowering people
         dating later in life due to losing   a month, and they can pick  up  to pick up the phone because it’s
         their spouse or going through a     the phone to talk to the number  way cheaper to keep you out of
         divorce.                            one rated law firm in their state.  trouble than to get  you out  of
                                             In most cases, that usually has  trouble.
         I ended up writing a book about     between 50 and 70 lawyers and
         it, and I just kept on the journey   they  can  find  their  options.  We  Jeff:  Also,  if  you  get  a  traffic
         of empowering in both  those        are thrilled that we have a lot of  ticket, you can take a picture and
         areas.                              our friends at our age who need  send it in. If it’s defendable, they
                                             their wills done.                    will defend you.

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