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When my youngest son was 17  into  motion  what  you  have  their personal and business
        years old, he became very ill.  designed. Each year, I establish  finances.  The  possibilities  are
        Many doctors ran many tests  the growth I want to achieve  boundless.
        to determine what was wrong,  in  my business, for  instance,
        to no avail. In the middle of  the number of tax returns that  Diana is the  founder of  DLH
        the testing, his father lost his  I  will  prepare.  Generally,  it’s  Financial and Living Your
        job  and  the  health  insurance.  more than the year before,  Greatness                Coaching      where
        I added the family onto my  and it’s an atypical number                   she empowers her  clients to
        policy.    Unfortunately,      my like 312, for example. I write  find and to utilize their gifts so
        type of  insurance did not  it down and imagine the  they can live and work their
        cover  preexisting  even  with  process.  I  do  not necessarily  abundance  in all areas of  their
        no     diagnosis.     Regardless, tell anyone what my number  lives. This is accomplished with
        the     money      was     always is, but I do go to work. At the  years of  experience  developing
        there for every test that the  end of tax season, I will add up  tools  customized  to  the  client’s
        doctors  ordered.  Finally,  they  the number of returns I have  dreams and goals and their
        determined he had a non- prepared. I have never missed  perspective of those dreams and
        functioning  gallbladder  and  it  my goal because I hold the  goals.  She also  hosts  a  Daring
        needed to be removed. The  image.  As  soon  as  you  start  Greatly Power Hour workshop
        surgery was $30,000. My  applying this mindset, you will  once  or twice  a month where
        husband was still unemployed  have the freedom to live your  she covers topics to enhance
        and the insurance still did not  life richly and generously while  personal growth and leadership.
        cover  preexisting.    I  assured  pursuing  your  passions with
        my family that everything was  no restrictions.                           She is a best-selling contributing
        going to be okay; the money                                               author    in    the   collaborate
        would be there. Eight  days  Each principle is a conscious  books Goodness Abounds and
        prior to surgery, the hospital  awareness  of your  thoughts  365 Soulful Messages sold
        called  and  said  they  noticed  and  actions  to  manifest  the  on  Amazon.  She  is  currently
        our son had just  turned 18.  reality you want in regards  writing  her  solo  book,  Living
        Then they said even if he still  to  your  wealth.  Your  wealth  Your Greatness: Finding Your
        lived at home and worked,  does not need to be compared  Freedom in the Good, the Bad,
        as long as his income was  to  anyone else’s and  truly is  and the  Ugly to be  released in
        below a certain level, they  what is enough for you. Once  late Fall of 2021.
        had a program  that  would  you have mastered these
        cover the entire surgery. And  principles, you  will have the  You  can visit  her at  www.
        it did!  Once you have crafted  clarity, certainty, and the or following
        the ideal wealth abundance  freedom you desire in your life  her  at  https://www.facebook.
        mindset, you will have the  in regards to money.                          com/Diana.LivingYourGreatness
        certainty you need.  You are in
        control.                             Visit      me       at      www.
                                     to learn
        The      third     principle     is more about how I work
        implementing        what       you  with my  clients to achieve
        have  created.  It’s  time  to  put  these principles throughout

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