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Are You Happily


                                                                               by Lori Lynn and
                                                                                Timothy R. Johnson

        “On a scale of 1–10, what’s          Turns out,  “unemployable” is  They enjoy risk, and they enjoy
        your level of trust with me in       another word for “entrepreneur.”     play.
        business?” he asked.
                                             People     who      are    happily   In   business,   they   look    for
        “I’d say a 10,” she said.            unemployable (entrepreneurs) end     alternative ways  to  make  money.
                                             up  starting  their  own  businesses  They tend to be good at sales. They
        “On a scale of 1–10, how much        because they don’t like when other  pay attention. They ask questions.
        do you trust me on a personal        people waste their time. They like  They  make  connections.  They
        level?”                              to move fast.  They like being in  deliver results.
        “Maybe a 7?”                                                              Tim says that people ask him all
                                             In  business,  the  Chief  Operating  the time how he’s able to get so
        “What would take it to a             Officer  (COO)  prefers  to  get  much done. His answer? “I don’t do
        10?”                                 a checklist  and get  it  done.  90% of the work.”
                                             Operators love speed.
        “Do what you said you were going                                          How is that possible?
        to do.”                              They  want  you to give them the
                                             bottom line. They don’t care about  Tim doesn’t look for clients for
        “What’s that?” he asked.             the back story.  They don’t  want  his own businesses. He looks
                                             a lengthy explanation. They want  for clients for his network. He
        “Talk to my kid,” she said.          the short  version so they can  empowers  his  partners  and puts
                                             spend the rest of the time getting  them first. For example, Tim asked
        That    conversation     happened  things done.                           Lori to help  him  write the book,
        between Lori and  Tim, the co-                                            Unemployable, but he insisted her
        authors of this article.             In school, they’re the kids  who  name  come  first  on  the  cover.
                                             hate having to show their  work.  When  she  questioned  him  about
        After  Tim  spent  about  an  hour  They’re somehow able to skip all  it, he said, “If you put your partner’s
        with Lori’s 16-year-old son,  who  of  their  classes  but  still  pass  the  name first, they own it. They show
        was teetering on the rails,  Tim  final exam. They love a challenge,  up. They’re happy to go above and
        said, “He’s an operator—like me.  but they hate tedious work.             beyond. If I build  that  culture, I
        Your kid is unemployable.”                                                don’t have to work that hard.”

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