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Facebook And E-Commerce:

                                                       The Power Couple

                                                               by Zyan Williams-Crain

        Some  people call  Facebook  a  ‘gold  All you need to do is set a conversion-  store.  Your  advertisement  ad  copy,
        mine’ for e-commerce business while  tracking pixel at the checkout page to  plan,  offer,  and  a  button  should  all
        some  call  it  ‘best  advertising  agent.’  I  get access to data regarding the actions  expect to accomplish this objective.
        like calling Facebook and E-commerce  (like sales, etc.) of your client once they
        “The  Best-Match’.  I’ve  gathered  the  click your ad and measure your ROI  What’s the next step?
        top-notch   e-commerce    Facebook   more accurately.                     The  next  step  is  getting  started.  Pre-
        advertisement  models  that  will  give                                   planning is the smartest choice to
        you an easy route.                   Simply put,  this  is  another  awesome  launch you toward your objectives.
                                             way to run your Facebook ads for your
        Engagement:                          e-commerce business.                 In case your history with Facebook
        Imagine  working  on your Facebook                                        advertising hasn’t been successful and
        ads  and  spending  dollars,  but  barely          Create a lookalike audience:  fruitful, it doesn’t imply that you should
        getting  any  views  or  sales.  On  the  The clients who resemble your current  abandon Facebook as a stage for
        contrary, your competitors have 1000  and past purchases are called lookalike  advancing your business. It  may  take
        likes, 200 comments, and 50 shares.  clients. Facebook believes them to be  a few endeavors to locate the correct
        How does this happen?                similar to your clients and more likely  recipe. That’s why you should consider
                                             to like your content if it is fruitful for  the ideas that I mentioned above.
        The reason behind this is a lack of  current clients, too.
        engagement  with your clients. Break                                      Keep in mind, Facebook is the world’s
        the ice between you  and your client  Realizing this permits you to customize  biggest online  stage  where  you can
        and  build  a  fan  relationship.  The  your content  for them. Considering  interface with your market. It  merits
        interaction  on  Facebook  is  all  about  that customizing your campaigns  your time and cash to explore it.
        likes, comments, and shares. These  prompts  an  89%  uplift  in  conversion
        comments can be related to the product  rates online, you should practice this as
        and queries. The goals hould be to get  much as you can.                  Zyan Williams-Crain owns W-C Media, a
        a specific number of interactions (likes,                                 direct response Facebook ad company.
        comments, and shares) and a particular  Call to action:                   W-C  Media  automates  and  scales  your
        amount of people.                    Facebook promotions should motivate  business  by  specializing  in  Facebook  as
                                             clients and urge them to take action. It’s  for  Shopify-based  E-commerce  and  info
        A conversion-tracking pixel:         not like Google where the visitors have  product  companies.  Because  we  take
        A  conversion-tracking  pixel  is  a  little  a  definite  and  focused  purpose  when  the  advertising  off  our  clients’  hands,
        piece of code that tracks the conduct  they  are  served  an  advertisement;  you  don’t  have  to  worry  about  doing
        of clients who visited your site. Not  Facebook  clients  aren’t  effectively  everything  yourself.  You’ll  actually  get
        only that, Facebook later uses the data  looking for your item as they look  better  at  running  your  business!  Book
        of a client’s behavior on the site, along  through  their  feed.  Ads  should  catch  your 15-min demo call with us today at
        with conversion pixels, and comes up  their  consideration  with  staggering
        with a plan for your campaign to make  visuals and make them click your ad.
        a lookalike audience to target your ads.                                  (602) 935-5288
                                             The  objective  of  your  advertisement
                                             is to get more individuals to visit your

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