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Storytelling and Marketing

                                                        Go Hand in Hand

                                                                       by Becky Norwood

                                                                  “Those who tell the stories rule the world.”
                                                                      -Hopi American Indian proverb

                                                        Storytelling is universal and has existed since the beginning
                                                        of time. Yet, in business, we often forget that stories are one
                                                        of the best ways to connect with customers and encourage
                                                        them  to  take  action.  Often,  we  focus  on  data,  product
                                                        features, technology, and engagement  through social
                                                        media.  Storytelling  reaches  people  on  an  emotional  level
                                                        communicating to the listener exactly what you do and what
                                                        you stand for.

         Why We Love Stories                 discover stories that will build  entrepreneurs,  people  just  like  you
                                             relationships,  stir  emotions,  and  and  me,  to  bring  that  wisdom  and
         The human mind simply loves stories.  engage our customers.              those stories to life in a way that will
         Stories make a company or person                                         powerfully  connect  with others in
         relatable. Just like the characters in  As  we  take  the  idea  of  using   empowering and impactful ways.
         a book, we see ourselves in certain  storytelling to create connections and
         aspects of the story’s characters. We  attract clients to our businesses a bit   #1  International  Bestselling  author,
         identify and empathize with them.   further, consider becoming an author
                                             of your own book. Publishing a book   speaker,  &  book  publishing  expert,
         For example, we love rags-to-riches  will  expand  your reach, becoming   Becky  Norwood  is  CEO  of  Spotlight
         stories. Many businesses tell this  a valuable tool for business growth,   Publishing™.  She’s  widely  recognized
         classic tale. The owner was down  creating a great first impression. We   for  the  empowering,  intuitive  way  she
         and out, all of the odds were against  are  privileged  to  live in  an  amazing  guides others to weave storytelling
         them, they didn’t know what to do,  digital world where publishing is  into  their  books  and  marketing.
         and were nearing rock-bottom when  now  a  viable  option.  It  allows  us  to  Incorporating her methods with sound
         inspiration came knocking. This spark  share  our  wisdom  and  expertise  marketing is the pathway for business
         of an idea led to founding the business  with  carefully  crafted  stories  that   expansion and audience growth.
         whose website you’re now  reading.  captivate readers, and yet showcase
         This is an arousing story that follows  you as a master in your craft.    Becky has brought many authors to #1
         the classic conflict-to-resolution plot                                  bestseller. Through her Author Studio
         arc.                                This quote by Les Brown says it all.
                                                                                  TV Show, listeners learn from interviews
                                                                                  of  both  authors  and  experts  offering
         Stories also work well because  “The graveyard is the richest place on
         they’re interesting and engaging. You  earth because it is here that you will   sage  advice.  She  offers  an  extensive
         can take any kind of content that   find all the hopes and dreams that were   catalog of services supporting emerging
         may be slightly dry or dull and weave   never fulfilled, the books that were never   and established authors.
         in a story to make it much more     written, the songs that were never sung,
         interesting, one that others can relate   the inventions that were never shared,   Becky believes that a well-told story is a
         to. This is why we love TED Talks so                                     gateway for growth, sharing, and a way
         much. TED Talks often present very   the cures that were never discovered, all   to unite humanity.
         difficult or technical information, but   because someone was too afraid to take
         it’s put together with the personal   that first step, keep with the problem,
         story of the presenter to give it life.  or determined to carry out their dream.”

         While most  of  us are natural  Spotlight       Publishing’s   specialty
         storytellers,  often  it’s  difficult  to  is  working  with  business  owners,

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