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Your Phone is your

                                                           New Marketing Plan

                                                                                        by Adam Kipnes

          Every day I get the same question from clients, prospects, and people I meet.  What it comes to advertising,

          “What is the most effective strategy?”  Is it Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, seminars, networking, or speaking?
          Oh, wait, it has to be SEO, right??  Direct mail?
          There are hundreds of ways to get your message out to people.  Some will cost you a fortune both in time

          and money with lots of trial and error. And they all have one thing in common – you put your message out
          there and hope.

          Hope that people will see it.        I am talking about your contact list.  Let  me  ask  you  this  –  Do  you
                                                                                    believe in your product or service?
          Hope that people will click.         You probably have a minimum of  Do you think it helps people?  If the
                                               200, and maybe several thousand  answer to both of these questi ons
          Hope that people will call you.      (I  have  2757  as  of  this  writing).  is yes, then you are actually doing

          You  are  putting  your  message  in   This is where you should start.    the  people  you  love  a  disservice
          front of total strangers and hoping                                       by  NOT  telling  them!  But  that  is
          they will want or need to give you   These people in your phone—your  probably  a  subject  for  another

          money.    A  recent  Weebly  survey   contacts—got  there  for  a  reason.  arti cle.
          showed that 62% of Facebook ads      You  met  them  and  exchanged
          don’t  even  hit  the  right  type  of   numbers, or maybe you exchanged
          client  small  business  owners  are   business cards. Regardless of how
          looking for.                         they  got  there,  they  are  there
                                               and  are  part  of  the  goldmine  of
          That said, if you do enough of any  new  clients  and  revenue  right  in
          or all of the above strategies, you  your  hand.  It’s  so  much  easier
          will get new clients—probably.   But  than  putti  ng  an  ad  out  there  in
          at what cost? The time and money  FacebookLand.

          spent will more often than not put
          you in a hole, not climb a financial  I know, most will say, I don’t want

          mountain.    Consider  a  different  to  sell  to  my  family  and  friends.

          piece for your new marketing plan  Well,  why  the  heck  not!  They’re
          – your phone!                        the  people  that  know,  like,  and
                                               trust  you.  And  they  are  likely  to
          And I am not talking about dialing  give you real feedback as to why
          for dollars, cold calling, or even use  they  will  or  will  not  do  business

          that  actual  calling  portion  of  the  with  you.  It’s  a  great  way  to  get
          phone.                               market research.

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