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Empowering Women To

                                                                 Be The Best Version Of


                                                                                          by Brian K Wright

          I had the honor of interviewing Kimberly Miner recently, and we discussed a lot of topics including overcoming

          adversity, optimum success, her podcast and her upcoming event Envision You: The Transformation Starts Here.

          Brian:  Hi, Kimberly. Tell us a little  Some of the things that I learned  recovering failure. You can’t have

          bit about your background.           as a ballet dancer have translated  success without failure, and if you
                                               well to business, such as learning  don’t  understand  what  failure  is,
          Kimberly:  I  had  25  years  in  the  how to be committ ed, competi ti ve,  how do you know what success is?
          corporate world in the packaging  and determined. All of those things  You  have  to  understand  what  it
          and  sales  industry.  As  a  regional  have  been  traits  that  have  come  means  to  have  everything  taken

          sales  director  for  five  states,  it  into play in my career.           away  from  you  versus  what  it
          involved a lot of traveling to speak                                      means to have everything — having
          and train people in that industry.   For  example,  in  sales  the  game   the  world  against  you,  having

          I experienced a lot of success and   doesn’t  begin  until  you’re  told   the  odds  against  you,  having  to
          earned  a  lot  of  awards,  so  I  am   no.  I  never  looked  as  no  as  “no”.   struggle.  If  you  don’t  understand
          very grateful for that.              That just means that the sale has    what  the  struggle  is,  then  how
                                               begun  and  the  customer  doesn’t   do you understand what it means

          While I liked being in that industry,   have  enough  information.  That’s   to  have  gained  anything  to  have
          there was always something more      another  opportunity  for  me  to    gotten to the other side?

          that  I  wanted  to  do,  and  I  could   help you know who I am, and for

          never quite put my finger on what     me to give you more information  That’s  what  failure  means  —
          that  looked  like.  All  I  knew  was   that can help you make a decision.  failure  teaches  you  the  lessons
          that I wanted to own a business.     You have to learn to sell through  that you need to learn so that you

                                               relationship building, not through  understand  when  you’ve  actually

          No matter what I did, being number   a product.                           succeeded at something.
          one has always been important to     Brian:  Fantastic.  How  do  you  Brian:  Fantasti c. What is your big

          me. That was something that was      recover  when  you  perceive  that  reason “why” for what you do?
          ingrained  in  me  from  years  as  a   failures happened in your life?
          professional ballet dancer.                                               Kimberly:    My  reason  why  is  to

                                               Kimberly:  It’s  interesting  you  teach  others  that  whatever  goes
                                               should ask that question because  on  in  your  life,  it  doesn’t  defi ne

                                               my platform in speaking is being a  who you are as a person.

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