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How To Program

                                                             Your Brain To Get

                                                             What You Want

                                                                          by Brian K Wright

          I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Joe Vitale recently, and we talked about many things including the new
          movie How Thoughts Become Things, how to program our brains to get the things we want, and much more.

          Brian:  Welcome,  Joe!  Did  you  And for the fi rst ti me, this movie  If  you  really  want  to  know  how
          envision  earlier  in  your  life  that  interviews experts (I happen to be  thoughts  create  things  and  how
          you would be where you are right  lucky enough to be one of them)  to direct your mind, then you need
          now?                                 who  show  the  average  person  this new movie. I’d say watch both
                                               how  their  thoughts  can  and  of them back to back actually. But
          Dr.  Joe:  I  envisioned  being  an  already do create reality. But with  the new one’s more practi cal.
          author. I wanted to write books that  an understanding, you can actually
          made a difference, and I visualized  direct  it  to  create  a  reality  you  Brian:  How  exactly  do  thoughts

          that  when  I  was  a  teenager.  I’m  might prefer.                      become things?
          now  66-years-old  and  the  level
          of  success  I’ve  managed  to  have  Brian:  How is this movie diff erent  Dr.  Joe:  First  of  all,  inside  our
          went way beyond anything I ever  from  The  Secret?  You’ve  been  in  minds,  when  we  have  a  thought,
          imagined.  I’m  a  musician with  15  both of them.                       there’s  the  beginning  of  a  spark.
          albums,  I’m  an  author  with  80                                        For a lot of people, we just let the
          books.  I’ve  been  over  20  movies  Dr.  Joe:  This  movie  is  more  spark  come  and  go  and  nothing
          now.  I’ve  been  to  countries  I  practi cal.  This  movie  reaches  really  happens.  But  if  we  pay
          didn’t even know existed to do my  people right where they’re at and  att enti on to that spark, we’re now
          speaking.  I  didn’t  visualize  all  of  teaches  them  how  to  use  their  adding some energy to it. And that
          that. I just visualized I wanted to  mind in a more directed benefi cial  energy  can  actually  expand  into
          be a published writer.               manifestation  orientation  in  an  acti on.

                                               entertaining and educational way,
          Brian:  And now, you’re in a brand  The  Secret  is  inspiring  and  I  will  An idea, then, becomes something
          new movie, How Thoughts Become  always be proud that I’m in it.           that  excites  us,  that  excitement
          Things. Tell us about that.                                               leads us to consciously choose to

                                               But it is an introduction to an idea.  take  acti on.  And  on  our  physical
          Dr. Joe: It really dissects, explains,  It  is  not  the  complete  course  on  side, we’re going to do something
          and breaks down what’s going on  how  to  create  your  own  reality.  because we’re taking acti on on an
          in  our  mind.  We  don’t  just  have  In fact, it’s been criti qued for not  idea.
          thoughts, those thoughts actually  saying  enough  about  what  you
          create  reality  and  the  things  that  have to do to create the reality you
          are around us.                       like.

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