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                                                           IN THE REAL ESTATE

                                                           MARKET by Melanie Compton

          You  may  perceive  this  as  a  very  on the market, this would only push  This  basically  is  refl ecti ve  of  a

          interesting time, and so do I.       us into a healthier and more stable  realignment of buyers versus sellers

                                               real  estate  market  of  2-4  months.  rati o,  thus  potenti ally  creati ng  a
          The  uncertainty  of  everything  When we start to see a downward  healthier market.
          can  feel  at  times  overwhelming.  trend  on  our  home  prices,  that’s

          However,  we  want  to  assure  you  when we have more inventory than  Bott om  line…I  know  that  the
          that  we  will  get  through  this  and  4 months and homes are not selling.  informati on  above  is  a  lot  to  take
          that  the  real  estate  market,  in  my  Below are accurate numbers of what  in  and  that  we  all  are  speculati ng,
          opinion, will continue to be strong  our market is currently experiencing  but  we  are  remaining  confi dent

          due  to  the  increasing  number  of  per The Cromford Report, which is  amidst all of this and feel very lucky
          people flocking to the valley for our  indicati ve  of  what  I  stated  above.  to be in a state with such a GREAT

          climate and business opportunities.  The Cromford Report provides daily  real estate market. The demand for

          Even  with  my  vast  experience  of  analysis  on  the  Greater  Phoenix  real estate here in the valley is sti ll

          over  25  years  in  the  financial  and  Metropolitan  area  and  is  highly  very  HIGH  and  people  conti nue
          real estate industry, the evaluation  respected in the fi nancial industry.  to  flock  here  to  build  a  new  life

          of  real  estate  trends  can  be  a                                      everyday! Being a real estate expert,
          complicated  process,  so  let  me  Here are the highlights:              I can assist anyone relocating or are

          simplify the basics for you.                                              currently residing in the valley.
                                               •  In  March,  sales  prices  continued

          As many of you may already know,  to  climb,  and we  sti ll  saw  multi ple  Every  precauti on  is  being  taken  to
          our  inventory  is  very  low,  with  off ers  as  buyers  tried  to  take  ensure a safe process for our home
          approximately  a  1-2  month  supply  advantage of low interest rates.    buyers and sellers.
          of  homes  on  the  market  currently,

          thus  indicative  of  a  seller  market.  • Although inventory is sti ll DOWN  Stay  positi ve,  we  will  get  through
          Conversely, 2-4 months of inventory  overall  from  the  same  period  last  this…I am here for you!
          on the market is a healthy market. I  year,  new  listi ngs,  pending,  and
          mention this to help you put things  closed  sales  were  all  UP  over  last  Melanie Compton is a realtor with JK

          in perspective where the market is  month.                                Realty  and  is  based  on  Gilbert,  AZ.

          concerned.                                                                To learn more about buying or selling
                                               • Buyers are decisive! The average  a home, you can reach out to her at
          Currently, a lot of banks are working  days that a listi ng is on the market or at 480-
          with anyone who is struggling and  dropped from 42 in February to only  232-9230.
          behind  so  that  we  don’t  have  a  26 in March.
          repeat of 2008 – 2012. After the fall

          in 2008, the banks started putting a  I  believe  our  biggest  take  away

          lot of protective measures in place  from The Cromford Report/Market

          so that we wouldn’t have a repeat.  Leader  was  that  prices  are  NOT
          So, even if we do experience a slight  expected  to  drop,  but  transacti on

          bump  in  increased  listings  coming  volumes  HAVE  started  to  drop.
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