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                                                        You were born perfect, worthy, deserving and
                                                        you always matter and are enough. Time to
                                                        connect to your SOULFUL SELF.
                                                                                                by  Ingrid Katal


          Are you living your purpose?         Why Simply True?                                                Are you tired of being tired?
          The  journey  began  40  years  ago  Life is simple if led down the path  Do  you  have  emoti onal  weight  on
          when  I  took  on  the  corporate  of  truth.      We  tend  to  complicate  your  shoulders  due  to  betrayal,
          world  being  a  trouble-shooter  and  situati ons  and  make  it  hard  on  shame,   guilt,   self   judgement,

          a problem solver, relishing conflicts  ourselves  and  others.  We  have  or  deaths  due  to  relati onships

          and  challenges.  It  was  and  still  is  expectati ons,   attachments,   and  or  events?  The  reason  you  are
          my  natural  high.  Why?  It  was  an  judgements  with  everyone  and  feeling  pain,  heartache,  sadness,
          opportunity  to  solve,  create,  and  everything  outside  of  ourselves,  disappointment,   or   stress   is
          grow.  By  my  mid  30’s,  I  ended  relying  on  those  factors  for  because  you  feel  disconnected
          up  walking  with  a  cane  due  to  happiness. This ideology cannot be  from  yourself.  You  are  connected

          excruciating back pain, only to find  further  from  the  truth.  Dwelling  to everyone and everything that is

          out  that  my  continuous  physical  on  matt ers  outside  of  ourselves  outside of yourself, and this creates
          ailments  from  the  last  15  years  are in turn the emoti onal pillars we  an  unhealthy  and  an  unproducti ve

          was  psychological.  It  was  time  to  lean  on.  The  key  is  to  take  100%  pathway.  I  encourage  relati onships
          transcend  my  professional  skills  accountability  to  everything  we  where  people  are  supporti ve,  take
          to  personal  life.  Once  I  severed  think, say, and do. It is important to  initi ati ve, and are fun. The issue is

          a  core  family  relationship,  the  claim  our  light  and  power  back  so  that  people  have  a  need  for  those
          ailments  disappeared  immediately,  we  can  fully  connect  to  ourselves.  individuals,  and  are  not  able  to  be

          which  aided  in  the  realization  that  Managing and navigati ng ourselves  emoti onally independent if anything

          emotional  health  has  a  connection  rather   than   controlling   other  changes  within  that  dynamic.  The
          to physical and mental health. It is  people  and  things  leads  us  away  unbalance and emoti on present can
          where my true purpose began. My  from  expectati ons,  judgements,  be  overwhelming  and  paralyzing.
          method  and  teachings  are  from  and  complaints.  This  also  allows  When  you  are  focused  and  rely

          practical  hands-on  experience.  I  others to thrive in being themselves  on  other  people’s  validati on  or
          believe in order to serve others, you  and  release  a  level  of  fear.  What  approval, or are unable to keep up
          have to walk the walk and talk the  is  the  result?  An  acute  sense  of  with expectati ons of others or your
          talk when sharing your skill.        mindfulness,  awareness,  and  love  own,  you  may  feel  unworthy,  not
                                               for all equally, regardless their title.  feeling enough and less than.

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