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5 Tips for Using Your

                                                          Time Wisely

                                                                                        by Tom Donnell

                                               in  charge?  You  must  have  your  “I’ve been going, going, going.” But
                                               written  set  of  goals  with  you  at  the real questi on is, “Doing what?”

                                               all  times.  Prioritize  your  goals  Some  people  are  going,  going,

                                               and  decide  which  are  important.  going,  but  they’re  doing  fi gure
                                               Constantly review your goals, and  eights.  They’re  not  making  much
                                               then make them a part of a good  progress. Don’t mistake movement
                                               written game plan.                   for  achievement.  Evaluate  the

                                                                                    hours  in  your  days,  and  see  if
          Time is of value to all of us, use it  With  your  game  plan  in  hand,  there’s  a  lot  of  wasted  ti me  that
          wisely!                              try  to  separate  the  majors  from  you could manage bett er.
                                               the  minors,  the  really  important
          1. Run the day or it will run you.   things  from  the  things  that  you  3. Concentrate on where you are.
                                               just  have  to  do—and  prioritize. A

          Part of the key to time management  litt le thought will save you a lot of  You’ve  got  to  zero  in  on  the  job
          is  just  staying  in  charge.  Here’s  ti me. Is this a major day or a minor  at hand. Don’t start your business
          what  usually  happens:  We  start  day? Adjust your ti me accordingly.  day unti l you get to the business.
          something  and  we’re  in  control,  Is  this  a  major  conversati on  or  I used to start my business day in
          but  as  the  day  starts  to  unfold,  a  minor  conversati on?  A  lot  of  the shower. I’m trying to compose
          we start losing it. It’s like running  people don’t do well in this area,  a  lett er  in  the  shower.  I’m  not
          a  business.  If  you  don’t  stay  on  and here’s why:                   awake  yet,  and  I’m  trying  to

          top  of  things,  the  business  will                                     compose a letter. I found out that
          run you before long. You have to  They major in minor things. They  it doesn’t work that way. Wait to
          stop every once in a while and say,  spend  too  much  ti me  on  things  get to the offi  ce to start your work.

          “Wait! Who’s in charge here?”        that don’t count and too little time  Don’t  start  your  business  day  at
                                               on things that should count.         the  breakfast  table.  It’s  not  good
          “Some  will  master and  some  will                                       for  the  family,  and  it’s  not  very
          serve.”                              2.  Don’t  mistake  movement  for  producti ve.
          Here’s a good phrase to remember:                                         So  here’s what you’ve  got  to  do.
          “Some  will  master  and  some  will  You  probably  know  some  people  On the way to work, concentrate
          serve.”  That’s  the  nature  of  life,  around you who are just plain busy  on  your  driving.  In  the  shower,
          and  you  have  to  make  sure  you  being busy. You’ve got to be busy  concentrate on the shower. At the
          become  the  master.  You  have  to  being  producti ve.  Consider  this:  breakfast  table,  concentrate  on
          run  the  day.  You  have to stay  in  A  man  comes  home  at  night  and  the  family. Wherever you  are,  be
          charge. What is the key to staying  fl ops down on the couch. He says,  there. Don’t be somewhere else.

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