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These are not core issues, these are  and processes that trigger using my  circle,  this  recovery  program  gives
          temporary  triggers  which  create  tools, it is then eliminated and that  people  opportunity  to  have  their
          the weight on our shoulders. Giving  level  of  the  painful  and  heartache  life  back,  connect  to  themselves,
          away a piece of yourself, your light,  of  the  wound  is  gone.  This  is  to remember, to experience silence
          or your power spirals to many other  accomplished  by  understanding  from the mind, and feel freedom for
          issues which adds further weight to  that  challenges  are  all  about  perhaps the fi rst ti me ever.
          carry.                               ourselves. We  can  never  be  angry,
                                               sad, disappointed, or worried about  READY SET GO!
          ENERGY CREATED                       others. It is all about what unwanted  First hour session is FREE. Time for
                                               changes that entails for us and how  Green Tea!

          What energy are you attracting?      that shapes our lives.
          Every word you  say  has  an  energy                                      If you are thirsty to evolve and shift

          attached,  as well  as  every  thought  SOULFUL SELF                      to  be  the  best version  of yourself,

          and action. Every verbal projection,                                      come and join me on this incredible

          thought, or action either expands or  Are you fully connected to yourself?  journey to your SOULFUL SELF.

          deflates that energy. Energy cannot  As  nature  is  perfect,  so  are  we.
          be created or destroyed. It can only  We  were  born  into  our  SOULFUL  • First 1 hour Introductory session….
          change  form.  With  that  said, what  SELF;  perfect,  deserving,  enough,     FREE
          are  you  attracting  every  second  worthy,  and  loving.  Along  the     -   30 min of identi fying emoti onal

          of  the  day  in  your  relationships,  way, life happened and we started         weight

          situations,  work  and  even  your  disconnecti ng  from  ourselves  and     -  20 min presentati on how you

          health?                              connecting  to  the  outside  world         can navigate and manage
                                               where  we  allowed  everyone  and         yourself 100%
          EGO VS SOULFUL SELF                  everything  to  be  more  important
                                               than  our  center  of  being.      The  • SESSIONS / Under $100. Ingrid
          What choices are  you making?        SOULFUL  SELF  has  no  emotional    believes that emoti onal spiritual

          Anything  that  is  not  love,  is  ego—  weight to bear, directly or indirectly.    self-care is not a choice, it is a
          every  thought  you  think,  every  This  state  of  mind  has  no  pain,    necessity and morally must be
          word  you  say,  every  action  you  no  heartache,  dissati sfacti on,  or    aff ordable.

          take,  with  hundreds  of  thousands,  judgement.  One  is  enriched  with
          if  not  millions  of  transmissions  or  unconditi onal  love,  forgiveness,  •  Emoti onal BOOTCAMP FREE
          deposits  each  day.  Ask  yourself,  pati ence,   kindness,   empathy,      CALL, TEXT OR EMAIL NOW!
          if  placed  in  a  bucket,  which  one  courage,  to  menti on  only  a  few.  It
          would be heavier, love or ego? That  has an abundance of unconditi onal  URBAN WELLNESS CENTER
          weight  then  defines  you.  After  all,  love  to  give  to  all  equally  without  2024 N. 7th Street Phoenix AZ.

          what you focus on or put value to  enabling.  When  we  shift   with
                                                                                    818 800-8946
          is  going  to  be your  current weight  each  wound  sealed,  we  become  818 800-8946

          and reality, which ultimately creates  balanced,  connected  to  ourselves,

          your pathway.  After all, you attract  and sti ll. Loneliness is impossible in   5 STAR Google Review

          what you are.                        this  realm  and  the  purpose  of  the
                                               SOULFUL  SELF  is  to  serve.  Only
          TRIGGERS = WOUNDS                    then do we live our true purpose—
                                               at  peace  and  balance,  without
          What triggers you?                                                    judgement,  regardless  the  outside
          It  may  be  comical;  however,  I  circumstances.
          celebrate  my  triggers.  For  me,  I                                     The   book,    THE    EMOTIONAL
          am  being  shown  that  it  is  time  to                                  DICTIONARY to the  SOULFUL  SELF,

          grow,  shift,  and  evolve.    To  hold   FREE EMOTIONAL BOOTCAMP         coming  summer  2020!  Ingrid  Katal
          on  to  something  that  is  painful,                                     is  a  Spiritual  Life  Recovery  Coach  &
          heartaching,  or  dissatisfying  is  Do    you   have    the   formula?                                                       Intuiti ve. Her specialty is shift ing you

          unhealthy and unproductive for my  Simply True has a formula. It took 20  to  your  SOULFUL  SELF  through  the

          future.  Therefore,  it  is  my  priority  years to create a formula where one  Emoti onal   BOOTCAMP   Recovery
          to  appreciate  the  ego  to  bring  on  is able to recognize, identi fy, dissect,  Program.  1  Topic,  22  questi ons,  3
          that level of awareness and start my  and categorize the core issue of any  hours  and  your  level  of  pain  and

          healing.  Once  I  recognize,  identify,  trigger.  Summed  up with  a  closure  heartache is GONE! Guaranteed.

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