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He  went  to  a  blind  meeting,  sat                                     But  for  the  first  time,  we’re  able

          next to a woman whose also blind,                                         to see our whole little planet and
          a professional secretarial assistant,                                     there’s 4 billion people that don’t
          and  he  asked,  “Somebody  ought                                         have energy, food, or water.
          to  do  something  so  blind  people
          can see what happens on TV and                                            I’m  in  all  those  businesses  right
          movies.”                                                                  now  saying,  “I  want  to  help,  but
                                                                                    I want to help everybody help all
          Her pivotal answer was, “Look, you                                        those people.” I don’t want to do
          and  I  are  blind,  we’re  somebody,                                     it alone. You need to have a team
          we can do something.”                                                     to  get  your  dream.  Team  means
                                                                                    together  everyone  accomplishes
          They  created  Narrative  TV.  14                                         more.

          million people pay $10 a month to
          get Narrative TV to see that. And                                         Brian:  Great.  Thank  you  for

          then  he  did  it.  He’s  written  a  lot                                 being here. It was an honor and a

          of  books,  but  that’s  the  first  one                                   privilege to have you here today.
          that really hit big time, and I wrote

          the endorsement, “This book is so                                         Mark Victor Hansen is best known as
          powerful, it should be a movie.”                                          being the co-author for the Chicken
                                                                                    Soup  for  the  Soul  book  series  and
          Well,  it  made  $100  million  as  a                                     brand, setting world records in book

          movie.  Jim  says  now,  “Because    We’re  going  to  have  5G,  we’re  sales  with  over  500  million  books
          you  asked,  Mark,  I  write  books   going to have blockchain working.  sold.
          that I can’t read, and make films I   We’ve got CRISPR that’s going to

          can’t watch.”
                                               take  care  of  most  diseases  at  a  Mark  and  his  business  partner,

          Through  it  all,  you’ve  got  to  ask   DNA level. We’re in this exquisitely   Jack  Canfield,  created  what  Time
                                               interesting time in history. I’m just

          yourself,  “How  are  you  going  to   so elated to be alive now. It’s never   Magazine  called  “the  publishing
          have triumph?”                                                            phenomenon  of  a  decade.”  Over

                                               been better.                         500 million sold around  the  world

          Brian:  That  is  fantastic.  Lots  of   Brian:  What  are  some  of  the   and over 100 licensed  products  in

          people filter their dreams through    other  most amazing things that      the marketplace. It’s one of the most
          the lens of whether they think it’s   you’ve ever heard people ask for    successful  publishing  franchises  in

          attainable  for  them  or  not.  How   and receive?                       the world today.
          do you get people to think a lot
          bigger?                              Mark:  Well,  I  want  you  to  ask  He’s a very prolifi c writer with many
          Mark:  Well,  I  did  a  whole  set  of   for everything. I want you to ask  popular  books,  in  additi on  to  the
                                               for a life that’s worthy of you. Do  Chicken  Soup  books,  including  The
          tapes  on  that,  too;  how  to  think
          bigger than you ever thought you     projects  that  are  important  and  Power  Focus,  The  Aladdin  Factor,

          could  think.  Because  Bill  Gates,                                      Dare  to  Win,  and  One  Minute
          who’s  obviously  one  the  richest   One  of  the  guys  we  quote  is   Millionaire,  which has inspired  and
          men  in  the  world,  says,  “In  the   Dr.   Peter   Diamandis,   who’s   helped thousands of people around
          short term, most of us expect too    taken  a  mantle  from  my  teacher,   the world to become millionaires.
          much. In the long term, we don’t     Buckminster  Fuller.  And  he  said,
          expect anywhere near enough.”                                             He’s  also  known  as  a  passionate
                                               “What  are  you  going  to  do  in   philanthropist and humanitarian

          And  I  think  we’re  going  into  the   your lifetime or, at least the next   working  tirelessly  for  organizations

                                               decade,  to  positively  affect  a

          first decade where we’re going to     billion people?”                     such  as  Habitat  for  Humanity,
          do  $50  trillion worth  of  business                                     American  Red  Cross,  March  of
          in  the  United  States.  As  soon  as   If  you  ask  big,  you’ll  receive  big.  Dimes, Childhelp USA, among many
          this coronavirus is over, it’s going   There are amazing questions such  others.

          to go berserk in business because    as,  “How  do  you  serve  a  billion
          everything is going to happen.
                                               people?” No one’s ever done that.
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