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Why “Home”

                                                         Is So Important – A

                                                         Realtor’s® Perspective

                                                                                         by Katie Evans

                                                         From the dawn of time, it seems, we have been searching for

                                                         our place, our people, our HOME.  Home—it usually signifies
                                                         so much more than the dirt it sits on, and the walls and roof
                                                         that protect us.

          The  dictionary  defines  a  home  ti me agents; a friend who thought  estate  professional.  To  request
          as,  “a  house,  apartment,  or  they’d make a litt le money on the  your           “Realtor®      Interview
          other  shelter  that is  the usual  side, your aunt who used to do real  Questi ons”  please  visit  www.
          residence of a person, a family, or  estate 10 years ago, your nephew, go to the
          household. Or, the place in which  that  thought  he’d  strike  it  rich  in  “Contact Us” secti on of the home

          one’s  domestic  affections  are  real estate and live on the beach  page, fi ll in the required informati on

          sheltered.”  Recently,  our  homes  like  the  guys  in  the  TV  shows.  and  in  the  comments  type  in
          have  expanded  to  be  our  work  While I’m sure they are wonderful  “Realtor®  Interview  Questi ons”.
          places, our schools, our safety, our  people  and  even  care  greatly  for  We  will  email  you  a  PDF  of  the
          refuge. Have you recently stopped  you  personally,  I  would  hasten  questi ons we recommend asking.
          to  think  about  what  your  home  to say that they do not have the  We  are  here  to  be  a  resource
          now means to you?                    same  skill  set  as  a  seasoned  real  to  you  and  answer  any  of  your
                                               estate agent who does this as their  “home” related questi ons.
          As  one  of  our  single  largest  primary, full ti me career.
          investments,  the  choice  of  the
          place you call home is one of the  As a seller or buyer of real estate,  Kati e Evans is the Owner and Lead
          most important that you can make.  it is essenti al that you treat your  Agent  of  the  Living  48  Real  Estate
          For that reason, your choice of real  choice of real estate professional   Team at Keller Williams Realty East
          estate professional is of the utmost  like  a  serious  job  interview.  You   Valley. They are a full service team
          importance.  I  have  a  silly  saying  are hiring them to help you either   working  with  buyers,  sellers  and
          that  I  use  quite  frequently  when  sell or purchase what is, for most   investors of residential real estate in

          I’m  out  networking:  “Everyone  people,  the  largest  exchange  of
          knows  at  least  5  Realtors®  and  their lifeti me. Being confi dent that   the major Phoenix, AZ metro areas.
          3  of  them  are  probably  in  your  your  advisor  understands  your    With proven successful systems and

          family.” Maybe it’s not that funny,  needs, the local market, contracts   strategies, Katie and her team help
          but it’s true.                       and negotiations, and the nuances    their clients achieve their real estate

                                               of  the  different  neighborhoods,    goals  and  consistently  rank  in  the

          As of May 1, 2020, there are over  schools,  property  types,  and  top 10 to 15% of all AZ Realtors.
          59,000  active  real  estate  agents  how  to  bring  all  that  knowledge

          in  the  state  of  Arizona.  That’s  a  together  should  be  as  important  The  Living  48  Real  Estate  Team  at
          good handful to choose from. As  as the property itself.                  Keller Williams Realty East Valley
          with  any  profession,  the  80/20                                        480-415-1341
          rule applies.  n this case, 80% of  As a special off er to you, I would

          all the completed transactions are  like to off er you a complementary

          done  by  20%  of  the  agents.  I’m  list  of  interview  questi ons  to
          certain that you know several part  uti lize  when  choosing  your  real

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