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The Power Of

                                                                          Asking For

                                                                    What You Want

                                                                          by Brian K Wright

          I had the honor of interviewing Mark Victor Hansen, bestselling author and co-creator of the Chicken Soup

          For The Soul series. We talked about a lot of interesting topics, including discovering your why, thinking bigger,
          preselling a massive number of books before it gets released, his new book, Ask! The Bridge from Your Dreams

          to Your Destiny, and so much more.

          Brian:  Did  you  envision  early  in  something  done  prett y  quickly  Mark:  We have a story by a guy
          life that you would be where you  because they trust you.                 named  Jim  Stovall.  Now,  Charlie
          are right now?                                                            “Tremendous” Jones called me up
                                               Brian:  Mark,  you  and  your  wife   and said, “You’ve got to write the
          Mark:  I’m  an  entrepreneur,  and  I  wrote a new book, Ask! The Bridge   foreword to this book.”
          define that as somebody who takes  from Your  Dreams to Your  Desti ny.

          low value and makes it high value  Why did you decide to write this?      So,  I  read  this  book  called  The

          to the marketplace, then hopefully                                        Ultimate Gift. It wowed me. It turns
          creates  a  fortune.  I  visualized  it,   Mark:  This  is  my  308th  book.   out  Jim  Stovall  at  19-years-old
          and I knew it.                       As  Crystal  and  I  travel  around   was ready to go into professional
                                               the  world,  we  meet  all  kinds    football. They  picked  him  for  the
          I could have never predicted that I’d  of  people  who  are  wonderful,   NFL.  He  was  big,  he  was  strong,
          be the world’s best-selling author,  likable, talented, and skilled— but   he  was  fast,  but  he  went  to  his
          own  a  bunch  of  companies,  and  we  asked  ourselves,  “What  is  it   medical and they said, “You will be
          could be in such service to so many  between those who become super       totally blind for the rest of your life
          people in so many ways because I  achievers  and  those  who  don’t?”     in six months.” It was hard.
          also won a lot of awards—some of  And  what  we  discovered  is  the
          which I deserve, I think.            ability to ask.                      He  was  now  living  in  a  9  by  12
                                                                                    room  with  a  telephone,  a  radio,
          But  I  get  the  most  unusual      And  you  say,  “Wait  a  second.  and  a  television,  and  he  couldn’t
          telephone  calls  and  people  say,   The  Bible  says  ask  and  you  shall  see.  He  used  to  love  watching
          “Can you do this or that?” I have    receive.”  True,  but  no  one  ever  acti on  movies  where  somebody
          vast,  deep,  profound  relationship   taught you how to ask. Can I give  threw a right hook or squealed out.

          capital.  I  know  a  lot  of  people  in   you one of the great stories?  And he couldn’t see it. His parents
          a  lot  of  places  just  like  you  do.                                  said, “Look Jimmy, you’ve got to go
          And there are very few of us that    Brian:  Of course!                   to a blind meeting because you’re

          have that depth of place that you                                         going  to  wreck  yourself  staying
          can make a telephone call and get                                         here, eating your heart out.”

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