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Brian:  How  can  we  program  our  look at it at night. Put them on your  is  the  virus  of  the  mind  based  on
          brain  for  the  things  that  we  really  bathroom  mirror,  your  refrigerator,  fear. When we start to fall into fear,
          want?                                your  headboard,  your  dashboard,  not  only  do we  lower  our  immune
                                               your  phone,  and  everywhere  else  system,  which  invites  the  fi rst

          Dr.  Joe:  In  my  new  book,  Money  that you might stumble across it.   virus, but we also fall into negative
          Loves  Speed,  I  talk  about  the                                        thinking. We go into those negative

          reticular activating system. And the  And  with  these  three  things,  you  conspiracy  thoughts,  and  we  don’t

          RAS is in our brain and it’s already  are programming and imprinti ng the  create a reality that serves all of us.
          programmed  for  survival.  So,  it’s  reti cular  acti vati ng  system  to  now
          working for you, it’s working for me.  look  for  and  help  you  create  the  Brian:  How do we fi nd you or get
          But we can program it for something  very thing you said you want when  your book?
          else.  And  that’s  when  you  learn  you answered the questi on, “What
          how to program your mind to help  do you want to att ract?”               Dr. Joe: Thank you. The book is on

          you  attract  and  achieve  virtually                                     Amazon, Money Loves Speed. I have
          anything you can imagine.            Brian:  With      the      current  lots of books over there so just type
                                               Coronavirus  pandemic,  there’s  a  in my name, Joe Vitale. The website
          There    are   three    steps   to   lot  of  groupthink  going  on.  We’re  is  I’ve
          programming  the  mind  to  attract  collecti vely  creati ng  our  feelings  got  plenty  of  freebies  and  courses

          what  you  want.  Before  you  even  about reality and interpreti ng what’s  that are free.
          get to the three steps, you have to  going  on.  What  are  your  thoughts
          know what do you want. What do  on this?                                  Brian:  Fantastic. Joe, thank you so

          you want to have, do or be? What’s                                        much for being here.
          your  goal?  Once  you  answer  that,  Dr.  Joe:  I  think  the  universe  is
          here are the three steps.            seismic shocking us so that we will  Dr. Joe Vitale is currently the president

                                               pay attention. I think the very fact  of  Hypnoti c  Marketi ng,  which  is  a
          The very first is you need an image.  that  we’re  all  told  go  to  our  room   marketing  consulting  firm.  He’s  been

          Your  brain,  your  subconscious,  is  a  good  thing.  I  think  being  told   called  the  Buddha  of  the  internet
          unconscious  mind,  all  responds  to  to  go  inside  actually  has  a  double   for  his  combination  of  spirituality

          imagery.  You  need  a  graphic  that  meaning.  One  is  to  go  inside  your   and  marketing  acumen.  And  he  was

          represents what you want. I’m a car  house and the other is while you’re   featured  in  the  bestselling  program,
          guy, so it’s really easy for me to say,  in there, go inside yourself.
          “I need a great photo of the car.” So,                                    The  Secret,  teaching  people  how  to
          the  very  first  thing  is  the  graphic,  I  think  we’re  being  asked  to   have  do  and  be  anything  they  want

          and you can get that on Google. Or  reconnect to what I’ll call the divine,   and achieve their goals in every single

          you  can  find  it  the  old  traditional  but you can call it the Universe, God,   area of life.
          way, go buy magazines and cut out  or any number of words out there.

          pictures of what you want to attract.                                     His  incredible  story  of  using  the  law
          This is the first step to program the  I  also  believe  that,  yes,  there’s  of  att racti on  in  his  own  life  is  an

          brain.                               groupthink  going  on,  but  this  is  inspirati on  to  thousands.  Combining
                                               just  further  evidence  that  the  Law  real practi cal life wisdom with unique
          The  second  step  is  you cannot  Of  Att racti on  has  always  been  insight  to  truly  understand  yourself,

          create  without  emotion. Most  working. We att ract similar-minded  he  gives  you  the  tools  to  open  new
          people are focused on hate or fear,  people.  We  att ract  people  who   opportunities and possibilities in your

          and  those  are very  fiery  emotions.  agree  and  someti mes  disagree  for   life. He’s also one of the stars of the
          But what you want to have is love.  our  unconscious  belief  systems  to   new  movie  called  How  Thoughts
          When you look at your graphic with  match.                                Become Things.
          love,  you  are  programming  your
          mind  (because  it  responds  to  the  This is actually a good thing. I am not

          imagery and it responds to emotion)  dismissing a virus that is out there.
          that you want this and it’s something  I  am  not  telling  people  not  to  pay

          you desire.                          attention. But there are two viruses.

                                               The  first  virus  is  the  one  they’re

          And then the third step is repetition.  warning  us  about,  but  the  second
          Look  at  your  goals  every  morning,  virus is far worse. The second virus
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