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Let’s  take  a  step  back  first.  I  am  3.   Break them into catagories  You have a goldmine in your hand
          not  saying  to  call  every  contact                                     and it is full of your tribe.  Tap into

          and sell them your product (you’d  a.       Centers of Influence           this  resource  before  you  go  out
          probably  make  a  lot  of  money  if  b.   JV Partners                   and spend money trying to find a

          you  did,  though).  I  am  saying  to  c.   Mentors or advice givers     new tribe.

          use this list as your starting point  d.    Prospects
          for more clients rather than going                                        Adam Kipnes helps businesses 2x,

          to find a new 200-400 people to  4.          Start contacting them         3x or even  10x  their revenue  with

          talk to.                                                                  a 5-step profit growth formula that
                                               Now I can guess what is running      finds money already in the business.

          So how do you use this contact list?  through  your  mind.    “What  am  I   Access his free book called “How To
                                               going to say?”  The best course of   Make More Money On Your Business”

          1.     List them all out             action  is  to  find  out  more  about   at
          2.     See  how  well  you  know     them. What do they need? What
          them and they you.  Use the 4321     are they up to? Learn about these
          model in my prior article   things and see how your product

          (       or  service  can  be  a  solution.  Or
          forbescoachescouncil/2017/11/05/     contact  me  and  we  can  work  on
          four-steps-to-turn-your-contacts-    your messaging (and maybe I need
          into-clients/#7c82eefd308e)          your product or service.)
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