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Spice It Up: BAY LEAF
        The bay leaf, which dates back to ancient   be abrasive to the digestive tract and are
        Greek  times,  is  the  most  popular  spice  in   extremely pungent when eaten whole.
        cooking. The whole leaf is often used and is   Due to the removal of the leaf, bay leaves
        either dried or ground. The fragrance of this   are often added to dishes in a muslin bag
        leaf tends to be more noticeable than the   or tea infuser. Another lesser-known use
        taste it provides in dishes. Mediterranean   for bay leaves is to repel small insects that
        dishes and American cuisine widely use   sneak their way into the kitchen pantry. By
        these leaves. Most often, bay leaves are used   placing bay leaves in these areas, unwanted
        in savory dishes, ranging from soups, stews,   creatures are likely to stay away.
        meats, seafood, vegetable dishes, and even   Source:
        sauces. One tip to remember is that when
        cooking with bay leaf, you should remove   leaf#:~:text=Bay%20leaves%20were%20
        the leaf before serving the dish. They can   used%20for,fl avour%20many%20classic%20

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        Do you feel rushed and need low-     times. Lastly, this method of cooking o ers
        maintenance home-cooked meals? If the   a low energy form of meal preparation.
        answer is yes, then investing in a slow   These  appliances  come  in  all  shapes  and
        cooker may bring the relief for which you   sizes, o ering fl exibility during meal

        have been searching. A slow cooker, or   preparation. Two key things to remember
        otherwise known by its name brand, Crock-  when shopping for a slow cooker are: how
        Pot , o  ers a long list of benefi ts without a   many people will you be cooking for, and
        signifi cant time commitment.
                                             what kinds of recipes will you be cooking.
        Slow cookers allow for one-step preparation   For appetizers, a small slow cooker would

        and can o er easy clean up after dinner. They   work best, but when preparing a meal
        can be used to cook any meal, including   for your family, a larger appliance may
        breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Using   be necessary. Slow cookers also contain
        the slow cooker, food is prepared at a low   a variety of temperature settings and
        temperature for an extended period. Slow   holding/warming options, so be sure to
        cooking can be useful when tenderizing   research which slow cooker best suits your

        less expensive cuts of meat, o ering a   needs. Check out our featured,  From the
        great alternative to pricey dinner options.   Kitchen, recipe for a fun, easy and slow
        Slow cookers also allow foods to marinate   cooked meal.
        correctly and allot for extended cooking
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