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        February is Heart Health month, placing   consequences on the body. Tips for “eating
        focus on cardiovascular health. Heart disease   for the heart” include avoiding foods high
        is the leading cause of death in the United   in sodium, eating whole grains and fi ber
        States, so it is important to take the steps   regularly, increasing the consumption of mono
        necessary to maintain a healthy heart.   and polyunsaturated fats, and limiting the

        Genetics, eating habits, smoking, physical   intake of saturated fats, ca einated beverages,
        activity, and age can have severe consequences   and processed foods. Cardiovascular exercise
        on the heart. While other aspects of our health   is also crucial in maintaining a healthy
        may be uncontrollable, focusing on eating for   heart. The American Heart Association
        heart health may ensure a long and happy life.   recommends that increasing your heart rate
                                             for thirty minutes a day will ensure long-term
        Daily nutrition is crucial in maintaining heart   cardiovascular health.
        health, as food can have positive or negative

        A ergen Awarene : MILK ALLERGY
        Milk  allergies  are  prevalent  among  young
        children. Approximately 2.5% of children    NAMES OF MILK ON
        under the age of three possess this allergy,   INGREDIENT LABELS:
        each developing it within their fi rst year of
        life. Sensitivities to cow’s milk can produce a   Lactose
        wide range of symptoms varying from person         Casein
        to  person.  These  reactions  may  include     Lactalbumin
        hives, shortness of breath, and vomiting. It
        is important to have an EpiPen  accessible if    Lactoferrin
        your reaction to milk allergy is severe.           Whey
        It is best to avoid products containing cow’s   Whey protein hydrolysate
        milk to prevent an allergic reaction. Some foods   Milk protein hydrolysate
        containing milk include butter, cheese, cottage   Rennet casein
        cheese, custard, processed baked goods, ghee,
        yogurt, and pudding, to name a few.
        Another critical aspect of combating a milk
        allergy is reading food labels. Reading the
        ingredients before consumption can help to   allergies/food-allergy-essentials/common-
        prevent the onset of symptoms.
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