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Inside this i ue:

                 • The benefi ts of a hot breakfast
                 •  Delicious dairy substitutes
                 • Understanding the new nutrition label

                 • Pomegranate juice for immunity
                 • Slow cooker French toast

                 • And more!


                                                                              cha enge

                                                                             Eating a hearty breakfast packed with complex
                                                                             carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats will
                                                                             keep you focused and energized all day. Share
                                                                             a picture by February 28 of your favorite hot
                                                                             breakfast cereal in our #BrockYourBreakfast
                                                                             challenge, and you
                                                                             could win a new
                                                                             slow cooker!

           All of us at Brock & Company, Inc. are dedicated to providing a healthy and enjoyable dining
           experience. We’re here to answer questions and receive your comments or suggestions.
           Email Us:         @BrockEatHealthy      @BrockEatHealthy

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