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               Which Schools Have Specialized Programs?

                          REGIONAL ARTS PROGRAM                          MULTIPLE EXCEPTIONALITY -
                                                                         DEVELOPMENTALLY DELAYED
               Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton*
               Cardinal Carter*                                 Bishop Marrocco/Thomas  Monsignor Percy Johnson
               Father John Redmond* (Non-semestered)            Merton                Senator O’Connor
               St. Michael’s Choir School*                      Brebeuf College            St. Basil-the-Great
               St. Mother Teresa*                               Dante Alighieri Academy  St. Joan of Arc Catholic
               St. Patrick*                                     Father Henry Carr       Academy
                                                                Father John Redmond       St. John Henry Newman
                       ADVANCED CREDITS EXPERIENCE              Francis Libermann     St. John Paul II
                                                                James Cardinal        St. Joseph College
               James Cardinal McGuigan
                                                                McGuigan              St. Mary Catholic
                                                                Loretto College         Academy
                            REGIONAL PROGRAM                    Madonna               St. Mother Teresa
                                                                Marshall McLuhan      St. Oscar Romero
               Bishop Allen           Senator O’Connor          Mary Ward             St. Patrick
               Bishop Marrocco/       St. Joan of Arc Catholic  Michael Power/St. Joseph
                  Thomas Merton         Academy
               Father Henry Carr      St. Joseph College                  SELF DIRECTED LEARNING
               Marshall McLuhan       St. Mother Teresa
                                                                Mary Ward
                             EXTENDED FRENCH                     STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)
               Brebeuf College        Notre Dame                Brebeuf College**      Loretto College**
               Loretto Abbey          Senator O’Connor          Chaminade College**    Madonna**
               Marshall McLuhan       St. John Henry Newman     Francis Libermann**    Neil McNeil**
               Mary Ward              St. Joseph College        James Cardinal         St. Oscar Romero**
               Michael Power/St. Joseph   St. Michael’s Choir   McGuigan**
               Monsignor Percy Johnson
                                                                                 ALL GIRLS
                             FRENCH IMMERSION
                                                                Loretto Abbey
               Bishop Allen Academy   Senator O’Connor
               St. John Henry Newman                            Loretto College School
                       INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE              Notre Dame
                Michael Power/St. Joseph**                      St. Joseph College
                St. John Paul II**                              St. Joseph Morrow Park
                St. Mary Catholic Academy**
                                                                                  ALL BOYS
                         MEDIA TECHNOLOGY AUDITION
                                                                Brebeuf College
                St. Patrick                                     Chaminade College School
                                                                Neil McNeil
                                                                St. Michael’s Choir School

                                                                    NON SEMESTERED SCHOOLS (GR. 9-12)
                                                                Francis Libermann
                                                                Loretto Abbey
                                                                Marshal McLuhan
                                                                Mary Ward

               *Audition/portfolio needed
               ** An additional or supplementary application form may be

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