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               For High School Seniors

               Check out all the great programs that our TCDSB high schools offer!

               Although participation in many of these programs does not happen until your senior years,
               you can begin planning for the program that interests you.

               Cooperative Education

                               Cooperative Education is a program that combines both in-school and
                               workplace learning. It is an increasingly important part of your high
                               school experience.
                               • Explore career possibilities.

                               • Develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for work.
                               • Maximize growth and development by building resiliency.
                               • Expand opportunities to form and develop successful career plans.
                               • Develop employment contacts.

                                     OYAP promotes careers in the skilled professions. OYAP meets the
                                   needs of students who are considering apprenticeship as a pathway to
                                        full-time, life-long employment immediately after graduating.


               • OYAP gives you the opportunity to receive apprenticeship training.
               •  You obtain credits towards earning your Ontario Secondary School Diploma.
               •  You will be applying to apprentice in a specific trade.
               •  A trade is a type of work that requires “hands-on” skills.
               •  Apprenticeship training allows you to learn the skills while working with
                 qualified trades people.
               •  You will spend a majority of your time at the workplace and also complete an
                 in-school pre-placement session.

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