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               What Are The Credits I Need?

                GRADE 9               GRADE 10             GRADE 11                          GRADE 12
                COMPULSORY            COMPULSORY           COMPULSORY                        COMPULSORY
                English               English              English                           English
                French                Career Ed.           Math                              Religion
                Geography             Civics               Religion
                Math                  History              Group 1 (Additional credit in English, or French
                                                           as a second language, or a Native language, or
                Religion              Math                 a classical or international language, or social
                                                           sciences and the humanities, or Canadian and
                Science               Religion
                                                           world studies, or guidance and career education, or
                                                           cooperative education)
                                                           Group 2 (Additional credit in health and
                                                           physical education, or the arts, or business
                                                           studies, or French as a second language, or
                                                           cooperative education)
                                                           Group 3 (Additional credit in science (grade
                                                           11 or 12), or technological education, or French
                                                           as a second language, or computer studies, or
                                                           cooperative education)
                ELECTIVE              ELECTIVE             ELECTIVE                          ELECTIVE
                One of: Dramatic Arts   Two of: Dramatic   Any two subjects                  Any six subjects
                or Instrumental Music   Arts or Instrumental
                or Visual Art         Music or Visual
                                      Art or Physical
                One of: Business
                                      Health Education,
                or Physical Health
                                      French, International
                Education or
                                      Technological Studies

                                        •  In grade 9 all students must take a Provincial
                                          Numeracy Test.
                                        •  In grade 10 all students must take a Provincial
                                          Literacy Test (OSSLT).
                                          (you must pass this in order to graduate)
                                        •  Students must complete 40 hours of
                                          Community Service by the end of high school.*

             *Check the TCDSB website for eligible activities. Now, in the summer after completing Grade 8, you can earn
             community service hours for your high school diploma!!

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