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               What Is The Credit System?

               The credit system is the number of courses you need to graduate at the end of your four year
               stay in high school.  Each full course you take is worth one credit and that course will count
               towards the overall credits required for graduation. There are two courses in grade 10 that are
               half credit courses. You are required to earn a total of 30 credits to graduate.

               There are two types of credits: Compulsory (Mandatory) and Elective (Optional) courses of your

                                                                        Compulsory Credits:

                                                                        •  These are credit the Ministry of
                                                                         Education requires all students
                                                                         in Ontario to attain in 18 courses.

                                                                        •  These are the courses you must
                                                                         pass in order to graduate.

                                                                        Elective Credits:

                                                                        •  These are credits that you will
                                                                         choose to complete.
                                                                        •  You will  need 12 optional credits
                                                                         to graduate.
                                                                        •  There are more electives to
                                                                         choose from every year you are
                                                                         in high school.
                                                                        •  These courses will lead you to your
                                                                         chosen destination at the end of
                                                                         high school.

                                                                        All TCDSB students have access
                                                                        to an educational planning:
                                                               – See
                                                                        page 4 for details.
                                                                        Students may access this site with
                                                                        usernames and passwords from their
                                                                        guidance counsellors.

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