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                                Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM)
                                Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) is an exciting program that you can join in grades
                                11 and 12.  SHSM gives you the opportunity to participate in an active learning environ-
                                ment with activities, workshops, certifications, trips and virtual experiences. If you join an
                                SHSM program, you will have the opportunity to:
               ●  Customize your secondary school education to suit your interests and talents through a specialized
                 package of courses;
               ●  Develop sector-recognized knowledge and skills while earning your Ontario Secondary School
                 Diploma (OSSD);
               ●  Explore and identify your career goals through Cooperative Education, which allows you to practice
                 and refine your skills, network with professionals working in the sector and gain sector-specific
                 employment experience;
               ●  Make informed decisions regarding post-secondary destinations;
               ●  Access resources, equipment, and expertise that may not be available in your home secondary school;
               ●  Receive a special SHSM seal of distinction designation on your diploma; and
               ●  Network with potential employers

               So, start investigating your interests and passions both in and out of school now … and once you get to
               grade 10 you are ready to apply for the SHSM program in your school!

                                              SPECIALIST HIGH SKILLS MAJOR
                               ARTS & CULTURE                            HOSPITALITY & TOURISM
               Bishop Marrocco/      James Cardinal McGuigan   St. John Henry Newman  St. Patrick
                 Thomas Merton       Loretto College           St. Mother Teresa
               Brebeuf College       St. Joan of Arc Catholic Academy
               Dante Alighieri       St. John Paul II                       INFORMATION AND
               Father Henry Carr     St. Mother Teresa                COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY
                                  BUSINESS                     Brebeuf College       Notre Dame
                                                               Chaminade             St. Joan of Arc
               Bishop Marrocco/     Mary Ward                  Loretto Abbey            Catholic Academy
                 Thomas Merton      Monsignor Percy Johnson    Marshall McLuhan      St. John Henry Newman
               Chaminade            Senator O’Connor
               Dante Alighieri      St. Basil-the-Great
               Loretto Abbey        St. John Paul II                           NON-PROFIT
               Madonna              St. Oscar Romero
                                                               Loretto Abbey         St. Joan of Arc
                               CONSTRUCTION                    Madonna                  Catholic Academy
                                                               Marshall McLuhan      St. John Henry Newman
               Bishop Marrocco/      Neil McNeil
                 Thomas Merton       St. Oscar Romero                            SPORTS
               Mary Ward             St. Patrick
                                                               Chaminade             St. John Henry Newman
                                ENVIRONMENT                    Marshall McLuhan      St. John Paul II
                                                               Michael Power/St. Joseph St. Mother Teresa
               Chaminade                      Francis Libermann  Senator O’Connor    St. Oscar Romero
                        JUSTICE, COMMUNITY, SAFETY             St. Basil-the-Great
                          AND EMERGENCY SERVICES
               Bishop Allen          Father John Redmond       Bishop Marrocco/      James Cardinal McGugian
               Father Henry Carr
                                                                  Thomas Merton      St. Joan of Arc
                             HEALTH & WELLNESS                 Father Henry Carr        Catholic Academy
                                                                                     St. Mary Catholic
               Brebeuf College        Michael Power/St. Joseph                          Academy
               Dante Alighieri        Monsignor Percy Johnson
               Father John Redmond    Neil McNeil
               Francis Libermann      Notre Dame
               James Cardinal McGuigan   St. Joan of Arc
               Loretto College          Catholic Academy
               Madonna                St. Joseph College
               Mary Ward              St. John Paul II

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