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Your Global

                         Engineering Solutions


                         LISI Automotive and Termax LLC partnered in 2017 to create worldwide
                         fastening solutions. Globally employing over 4000 individuals in
                         Manufacturing, Engineering & Sales, in 25 facilities across 10 countries.

                         Our team will work with you through all phases of your project;
                         from initiation of ideas with engineering and design, to tooling and
                         manufacturing completed through requirement planning, shipping and
                         logistics. We truly are your one-stop solution for all fastener needs.

                         Providing our world class team with the tools necessary, we encourage
                         you to browse our catalogue to view only a small percentage of the
                         fastener types and abilities that we can offer to you. Please contact your
                         Account Manager today – we are eager to provide you with the best
                         engineering solutions possible.
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