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Engineered Solutions

          Magnet Plate Attachment
          As more and more vehicles have started to use aluminum
          in the body, Termax has had to develop an alternate way
          for magnets to be attached. In order to allow for the use
          of a magnet on aluminum Termax has created a snap in
          steel plate to be used as a magnetic surface.

                                                                        Screwless High Retention Clips
                                                   Traditionally high retention clips in the vehicle will have a visible
                                                screw or screw cap cover. To many, the visible screw and screw cap
                                                covers are unsightly.  In response to this Termax developed a high
                                                 retention clip that provides the high extraction without unwanted
                                                 visible dissatisfiers.  This was done by creating high retention clip
                                                  that would be snapped into a doghouse like a plastic birds beak,
                                                                            and serviced out of the same feature.

          Lock Rod Bezel
          This is a plastic sleeve that snaps into the underside of
          the beltline of the door onto the actual “Class A” lock
          rod bezel.  This sleeve Termax created addressed several
          issues the “Class A” bezel had on its own:

                   Improved Retention
                      The “Class A” bezel by itself is plastic snaps or fins attaching to a plastic
                      substrate.  At times the lock rod would function up and down and pop
                      the “Class A” bezel out of the door.  The “Class B” bezel Termax created
                      prevents this from occurring.

                   Improved Lead In
                      The “Class A” bezel by itself has almost no lead in for the OEM operator
                      to fish the lock rod through the door trim during installation.  The “Class
                      B” bezel Termax created provides ample lead in for the operators.

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