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         PAR T FAMILY

        Termax’s U-Based Fasteners will provide you with a robust engineering solution
        for all your fastening needs. Clips are available in a variety of “set-up  heights”,
        sizes and configurations. Termax U-Based Fasteners offer low insertion and a
        wide range of controlled extraction forces.

        Wide Selection                                                                       Aggressive Barbs
        Clips offered:                                                                 Termax U-Based Fasteners are
        • in different heights and widths                                            designed with aggressive barbs.
        • in different set-up heights                                                     These barbs have excellent
        • for attaching to plastics or metals                                              retention to a wide variety
        • for various hole sizes                                                                        of materials.
        • in a variety of finishes and colors
        • with different controlled
        extraction forces

           Termax’s unique
           “coining” process                                                                Interchangeability
           is applied to the                                                               Termax’s ability to control
           wings of the clip                                                           extraction efforts (via coining),
           providing lower                                                                 gives you options without
           insertion efforts                                                           changing your tools.  Instead,
           and additional                                                            Termax can offer you essentially
           control efforts.                                                            the same clip with a modified
                                                                                     coin that increases or decreases
                                                                                               the extraction efforts.

        Common areas U-Based                         OVERHEAD      HEADLINER   SEATS
        fasteners are applied.                                                       B-PILLAR
                                             A-PILLAR                                        QTR TRIM

                                   PANEL                                                           BADGES

                     GRILLES                                                                        INTERIOR

                FRONT FASCIA                                                             CLADDING
                                                                   COWL TRIM   CONSOLE

                                                                                                         U-BASED | 7
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