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Custom Innovations!

          Belt Line Clips
          Weld flanges are typically located at the edges of trim parts
          where key fit and finish measurements are found.  The weld
          flanges are not typically friendly to attachments, but beltline clips
          have become the exception.  By switching the slot from the s/m
          body to the trim part Termax has created an extremely robust clip
          solution for weld flange attachments.

                           Belt Line Clip

                                                                                          Locator Cap Clips
                                                   It is general design practice to have a locator on all trim pieces.
                                                  Unfortunately some customers have found that they do not have
                                                   the package space to include a locator post and a clip tower. In
                                               order to solve this problem Termax developed a clip that combines
                                                                                    the locator post with the clip!

          Metal Doghouse Assembly
          In applications, such as an exterior B/C Pillar, there is not enough
          package space to mold a doghouse into the part. In order to
          eliminate the need for a molded doghouse, Termax developed
          a low profile clip assembly that includes a metal doghouse and
          a plastic clip. This avoids the need for a molded doghouse and
          instead uses two very small molded ribs.

                                                                Metal Doghouse Assembly

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