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Custom Innovations!

          Door Striker Attachment
          Door strikers are typically attached to a welded or crimped nut.
          In order to save assembly time and money, LISI developed a
          clip in nut for the striker bracket. These door striker attachments
          are an assembly of a plastic bracket and the nut. An even better
          advantage of these attachments is they allow for 2 directions of
          float for gap adjustments.

                                                                                         Rocker Panel Clips
                                                     Unique rocker panel clips are needed in applications where a
                                                    molded doghouse is undesirable or is not packageable. Some
                                                  molded doghouses can lead to visible shrink marks on the rocker
                                                panel. LISI has developed these unique clips that attach to a rib on
                                                 the panel which eliminates the need for a doghouse. Additionally
                                               these rocker panel clips are able to obtain a much higher extraction
                                                                          value, reaching between 180 – 225 LBS.
                                                           Clipping Rib

                                                Clipping Axis on

                                                 Clipping Axis on
                                                  Rocker Pannel

          Axle Spacers
          Typical axel spacers are completely metal components and are
          very heavy. In order to promote weight savings in the vehicle LISI
          developed axel spacers that are a hybrid of plastic and metal. The
          metal inserts within the plastic carrier can also be swapped out for
          different thickness, this allows one tool to be used across many
          platforms which reduces complexity.

            Plastic Carrier

                                                                 Metal Inserts

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