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Engineered Solutions

          Lightweight Solutions
          LISI’s expertise in both metal and plastic technologies is being
          used at the forefront of light weighting technologies. By taking
          a current metal component and redesigning it with a structural
          plastic construction (using a specific blend of glass fiber and
          plastic), LISI is able to reduce component weights significantly. In
          some designs it is possible to eliminate complexity by redesigning
          the fastening strategy.

                                                                                   Wire Harness Brackets

                                             Specific wire channel brackets are developed to reduce complexity in
                                              the current wire attachment scheme. LISI will combine multiple clips,
                                              brackets, and attachments all into one molded bracket. This reduces
                                                                           weight, complexity, and assembly time.
                                                        Wires In

                                                                                                Wires Out

           Spoiler Insert Nuts
           One challenge with designing a spoiler is the ability to account for the
           thermal expansion this part experiences. LISI has developed a variety of
           sliding insert nuts. These nuts are inserted into a doghouse feature to
           allow them to compensate for thermal expansion and at the same time
           ensure a secure threaded attachment to the vehicle. These insert nuts
           also serve as a compression limiter to eliminate damage to the spoiler.
           Insert nuts are available in a variety of options including plastic, metal,
           sealing, and non-sealing.

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