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Rabbi Carolyn Braun

        This  Rosh  Hashanah,  each  of  us  enters  this
        sanctuary with a different need.

        Some hearts are full of gratitude and joy: they are
        overflowing with the happiness of love and the joy

        of life; they are eager to confront the day, to make       like no other. By now, you have seen the plans: a
        the  world  more  fair;  they  have  recovered  from       diversity   of    opportunities    from    private
        illness or have escaped misfortune.  And we rejoice        meditation  to  small  group,  “bubble”  prayer
        with them.                                                 groups,  to  in-person,  masked  and  socially
                                                                   distanced services. I know that for me, I have been
        Some  hearts  ache  with  sorrow:  disappointments         getting  lost  in  the  planning  and  dreaming  and
        weigh  heavily  upon  them,  and  they  have  tasted       have  yet  to  dive  in  the  spiritual  realm  of  the

        despair; families have been broken; loved ones lie         “Days of Awe.” While most things in our lives right
        in bed in pain; death has taken those whom they            now are different, this reading from our Machzor
        cherished. May our presence and sympathy bring             (High  Holiday  prayer  book)  reminded  me  that
        them comfort.                                              some things are the same, including the purpose
                                                                   of these holidays.

        Some  hearts  are  embittered;  they  have  sought
        answers in vain; they have had their ideals mocked         Even  amidst  the  tumult  of  COVID,  elections,
        and betrayed; life has lost its meaning and value.         societal injustice and unrest, school openings and
        May  the  knowledge  that  we  too  are  searching         closings,  job  losses,  and  what  seems  like  an
        restore their hope that there is something to find.        eternity  of  social  distancing,  we  have  still
                                                                   experienced  gratitude  and  joy,  as  well  as  ache,
        Some spirits hunger: they long for friendship; they        sorrow  and  disappointment.  Some  of  us  have
 HIGH HOLIDAYS 2020  May we in our common need gain strength from  from  the  youngest  to  the  eldest  -  have  been
        crave understanding; they yearn for warmth.
                                                                   “sought answers in vain,” and probably all of us -
                                                                   longing  for  friendship  and  yearning  for  a  warm
                                                                   touch  from  family  far  away.  Though  so  much
        one  another,  sharing  our  joys,  lightening  each
        other’s burdens, and praying for the welfare of our
                                                                   about our world has changed over the past year
                                                                   including  gatherings  in  our  sanctuaries,  I  am
        community. - Chaim Stern (adapted)
                                                                   comforted  to  remember  that  the  sacred  core  of
        All the members of the High Holiday Task Force,            who we are has remained the same. This is part of
 SHOFAR    רפוש   our staff, Rabbi Shoshana, the Board of Directors  what  I  love  about  Judaism!  Even  though  times

                                                                   change, our values and holidays do not. Even
        and various, talented members of our community
        have  been  working  tirelessly  to  reconstruct  and
    3   recreate a High Holiday experience that will be            continued on next page
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