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                                                         RABBINIC INTERN

                                                                Lorin  Troderman  is  a  third  year  full-time  Rabbinical  Student  at
                                                          Hebrew  College,  a  non-denominational  neo-hasidic  inspired  gem  in
                                                          Newton, MA. He will be serving the Temple Beth El community for the
                                                          next year as a part-time (10 hrs/wk) intern. Blessed with the opportunity
                                                          to relocate to Portland for morning sunrises over the sea and delight in
                                                          strutting where the snow falls, Lorin brings his passion for Judaism, the
                                                          natural  world  and  a  commitment  to  building  healthy  sustainable
                                                          practices into our midst.
                                                               Born during the predawn snow of a Boston November morning, Lorin
                                                          grew  up  in  New  England  where,  due  to  frequent  family  moves,  he
                                                          attended  a  variety  of  Day  Schools  and  eventually  settled  in  western
                                                          Massachusetts where his mother and step-father still live today. It was
                                                          during these formative Orthodox Day School years that Lorin developed
                                                          an affinity for Jewish learning as well as a deep pluralistic perspective
           Where to Find Lorin                            that continues to expand with each passing year. His Jewish pluralism is
                                                          shaped  by  the  following  experiences:  an  Orthodox  Bar  Mitzvah;  a
           Lorin loves to get email:                      Conservative  Jewish  High  school  confirmation;  swimming  and  teen
                    leadership  at  the  local  Jewish  Community  Center;  volunteering  at  an
                                                          Atheistic kibbutz; raising his children in a Jewish Renewal community in
           Lorin's Upcoming programs:                     Santa Cruz, CA; celebrating the music of Reform ritual; completing a 2
                                                          year  Certificate  program  in  Interfaith  Family  Jewish  Engagement
           Shabbat Shuva D'var Torah
                                                          concurrently  with  his  Hebrew  College  Rabbinical  School  studies;  and
           September 26 · midway through Shabbat
                                                          most recently participating as a congregant of a Reconstructionist Shul
           morning services on Zoom                       in West Newton, MA.
                                                               After graduating Babson College in Wellesley MA, Lorin spent the next
 HIGH HOLIDAYS 2020  October 3 · 10am · Jewell Falls      consciousness.  Upon  returning  to  the  United  States  he  married  and
           Shabbat Bachutz
                                                          5  years  in  Australia  developing  an  environmental  and  feminist
           November 7th · 10am · Hobstone Woods
                                                          settled  in  Santa  Cruz,  CA,  where  he  took  on  the  task  of  directing  the
           December 5th · 10am · Macworth Island
                                                          Hillel at UC Santa Cruz in the late 90’s. He later earned an MBA focusing
                                                          on sustainability while developing a green business at the beginning of
           Cultivating Active Hope in the Season of
                                                          YES!  (Youth  for  Environmental  Sanity)  and  SunRidge  Farms  building
           the Koheleth                                   this century. While raising two sons (Dylan and Max), Lorin worked with
           October 6 · 7pm · Virtual Zoom Sukkah          more sustainable consciousness in his communities.
                                                                Post  divorce,  Lorin  found  himself  living  by  the  sea,  where  in  a
 SHOFAR    רפוש   Deep Jewish Ecological Principles to    reconnection to his roots he reinitiated a daily davening practice and

                                                          hunger for Jewish learning that led him to Hebrew College. Lorin lives
           Navigate Our Place in a Changing World
           3 sessions: October 18, 25, November 1         with  his  partner  Sussi  Rowntree  and  Jasper,  a  14  year  old  black
                                                          lab/border  collie  who  keeps  them  both  in  line.  All  three  of  them  are
    7      Zoom · 7pm - 8pm                               looking forward to the snow and once again living by the sea!
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