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Shalom Families,

      The Jewish journey continues! In this year of uncertainty, most
      of  us  are  jettisoning  any  extra  baggage:  activities,  trips,
      responsibilities,  and  more.  Yet  most  of  our  families  have

      chosen  to  continue  with  their  children’s  Jewish  education,
      knowing that it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

      Our  theme  this  year  is  “Jewish  communities  around  the  world.”  From  Israel  to  America,  from  India  to
      Morocco, we share so much in common despite our differences. In a year when we have a limit on physical
      travel,  what  a  treat  to  be  able  to  explore  the  Jewish  world  through  the  power  of  books,  videos,  and

      As we all know, school looks a little different this year. We’ll start off the year with a few outdoor events and
      plan to be remote on the other days. One thing I am saying over and over is that we are keeping the Zoom
      groups  as  small  as  possible.  When  we  have  the  whole  class  together,  it’s  for  a  reason:  playing  a  game,
      showing things we’ve made, or recognizing student achievements. Or we’ll get the whole group together for
      an introduction and then use breakout rooms for students to talk about a question with each other.

      Important Dates:
          Sunday, September 13 - Welcome Back to School outdoor event for PreK-6th grade
          Sunday, October 4 - Family Sukkot Picnic
          Wednesday, October 7 - In-person class (in the Sukkah, or next to it anyway!)
          Sunday, October 18 - In-person class

      Shana tova, and we’re looking forward to a great year! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any
      questions or concerns at We pride ourselves on supporting every family’s Jewish


          Morah Abby Halpern                                                                                                    5781
          Director, Kadima Beth El Religious School                                                                     HIGH HOLIDAYS 2020

                             WELCOME NEW MEMBERS

                 Harvey and Sara Berman                      Charles Katz-Leavy, Michelle Bertagna, Benjamin and Emily
                 Nancy Bogg                                  Leavy
                 Joel and Diana Gold                         Shannon McKinnon, Noah, Whitman and Michael Falk
                 Harold and Eva Hugo                         Charles and Susan Fels
                 Elaine Miller                               Zoe Levine Sporer and Hannah Cordes                        SHOFAR
                 Jacqueline Robinov                          David, Stefanie, Samuel, Leah, and Sara Levenson                    רפוש
                 Sally Willis and Phil McKettrick            Judith Katz-Leavy
                 Sam, Tracy, Maya, and Daphne Zager
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