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Kate Shalvoy

      Executive Director

      As  Jews  who  live  as  a  small  minority  here  in
      Maine,  we  are  no  stranger  to  the  notion  that  we

      have to work extra hard to create Jewish space and         fulfillment/halakhic    requirements,     personal
      experiences. We all spend so much of our precious          social     connection,       and       meaningful
      time  and  resources  to  ensure  that  the  building      themes/spiritual  experiences.  A  survey  was
      stands,  and  that  there  is  a  vibrant  community       conducted to determine the importance of each of
      within  it.  The  building  and  the  community  exist     these  elements  to  our  particular  congregation.
      because  we  have  always  refused  to  let  adversity     The current science on risk factors as they apply
      break  us.  So,  what  then  does  it  mean  to  be        to  our  community  were  analyzed,  and  necessary

      a  synagogue  when  our  building’s  doors  are            boundaries  on  in-person  gatherings  were
      closed?  What  does  it  mean  to  be  a  congregation     determined.  Then,  the  sky  opened  up  to  the
      when  we  can’t  physically  gather  as  a  minyan  to     limitless  creativity  of  our  members  in  conjuring
      safely pray and sing together? How can we quell            ideas to bring the most essential elements of the
      our disappointment and worry as we look ahead to           holiday  experience  to  life  within  the  confines  of

      5781  when  so  much  is  uncertain,  and  so  many        the pandemic.
      challenges persist?
                                                                 This is why we are going to be okay. Because we’re
      The answers are the same as always: we refuse to           not going to let each other, or our Judaism, fall by
      let go of 3000+ years of Judaism and 70+ years of          the wayside just because of a temporary building
      our commitment to the TBE community. And our               closure.  Please  take  a  careful  look  through  this

      decades  of  experience  sustaining  Jewish  life  in      booklet,  as  well  as  our  dedicated  High  Holiday
      Maine  are  what  will  take  us  from  strength  to       website:                        5781
      strength in 5781.
                                                                 Everything there has been lovingly created for all     HIGH HOLIDAYS 2020
      There is no better example of this than the deeply         of  you  with  your  stated  needs  and  interests  in

      thoughtful,  creative,  and  collaborative  process        mind, and represents our very best effort to find a
      that  has  produced  TBE’s  High  Holiday  plan  for       way  to  still  be  Jews  celebrating  a  new  year,
      this year. Back in June, a multi-generational group        together(ish).
      of  20+  members  remotely  joined  together  to
      explore  why  the  holidays  are  such  a  touchstone      L’Shanah tovah to each and every one of you, and I     SHOFAR
      for us. The essence of the experience was broken           look  forward  to  including  as  many  of  you  as             רפוש
      down  into  five  basic  parts:  attachment  to  place,    possible  in  our  efforts  to  carry  our  sacred

      attachment to the TBE community, ritual                    community through the coming year.                    6
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