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A4   U.S. NEWS
                   Thursday 5 april 2018

                                                                      Dems, GOP using immigration

                                                                      in House races, but differently

                                                                      By ALAN FRAM                 parties  are  using  the  fight  fled Vietnam as a child.
                                                                      WASHINGTON (AP) — Both  over immigration — fanned  Mai  Khanh  Tran's  cam-
                                                                      Democrats  and  Republi-     by  tweets  from  President  paign  website  praises  "the
                                                                      cans  think  the  stalemate  Donald Trump about a cri-    open  arms  of  a  country"
                                                                      between President Donald  sis  on  the  Mexican  border  that offered "my shot at the
                                                                      Trump  and  Congress  over  that others say doesn't ex-   American  Dream."  Trump
                                                                      immigration can help them  ist  —  to  fire  up  base  vot-  this  week  amplified  his
            In this Oct. 12, 2017, file photo, House Foreign Affairs Committee   in  November's  congressio-  ers  in  midterm  elections.  rhetoric  with  tweets  about
            Chairman Ed Royce, R-Calif., presides over a markup of a bill to   nal  elections.  Each  could  Democrats  think  it  can  "ridiculous"  laws  making  it
            expand sanctions against Iran with respect to its ballistic missile   be  right.  In  House  races  help them reach minorities,  hard  to  send  arrivals  from
            program, on Capitol Hill in Washington.                   across  the  country,  both  young  people  and  subur-   Mexico  "back  where  they
                                                     Associated Press                              ban  moderates  repelled  came from." It's the sort of
                                                                                                   by  Trump's  strident  anti-  language Democrats hope
                                                                                                   immigrant  stances,  while  will send voters their way. Al-
                                                                                                   Republicans  have  noted  though  the  economy  and
                                                                                                   his  success  in  using  prom-  health care register higher
                                                                                                   ises  to  crack  down  on  im-  as  voter  concerns,  Demo-
                                                                                                   migration to energize disaf-  crats see advantages from
                                                                                                   fected conservatives. As a  touting  Congress'  attempt
                                                                                                   result, Democrats are using  to  shield  young  "Dreamer"
                                                                                                   the  issue  to  emphasize  in-  immigrants  from  deporta-
                                                                                                   clusivity  and  are  targeting  tion.  That  effort  collapsed
                                                                                                   border  regions,  suburbs  in February after Trump re-
                                                                                                   and  areas  with  immigrant  jected  $25  billion  to  build
                                                                                                   populations.  Republicans,  his  treasured  border  wall
                                                                                                   whose  districts  tend  to  be  with  Mexico  in  exchange
                                                                                                   less  diverse,  plan  to  make  for offering possible citizen-
                                                                                                   immigration  a  law-and-     ship for Dreamers who were
                                                                                                   order issue that appeals to  brought illegally to the U.S.
                                                                                                   conservatives  all  around  as children and who have
                                                                                                   the U.S. The debate is likely  been  temporarily  protect-
                                                                                                   to  roil  races  in  California,  ed by the Deferred Action
                                                                                                   Texas, Florida, Arizona, per-  for  Childhood  Arrivals  pro-
                                                                                                   haps New Mexico and Vir-     gram.  Democrats  say  the
                                                                                                   ginia's  Washington,  D.C.,  gridlock  lets  them  convey
                                                                                                   suburbs. One diverse South-  a  message  of  tolerance
                                                                                                   ern California House district  that  can  woo  voters,  con-
                                                                                                   centered  on  the  sprawl  tributors  and  volunteers  —
                                                                                                   of  Orange  County  has  al-  including liberals, minorities
                                                                                                   ready  become  a  testing  and  moderates  alienated
                                                                                                   ground for each party's im-  by  Trump's  words.  "Im-
                                                                                                   migration  strategy.  The  re-  migration  is  one  of  those
                                                                                                   tirement of 13-term Repub-   cultural  touchstone  issues"
                                                                                                   lican Rep. Ed Royce makes  that     shows   Democrats
                                                                                                   the seat a prime target for  are  ready  to  "stand  up  to
                                                                                                   Democrats  trying  to  pick  Trump,"  said  Mike  Lux,  a
                                                                                                   up  23  seats  in  November's  liberal  Democratic  consul-
                                                                                                   elections,  enough  to  grab  tant.  Bliss' group ran TV ads
                                                                                                   House  control.  Seventeen  attacking Democrat Conor
                                                                                                   GOP,  Democratic  and  in-   Lamb  on  immigration  in
                                                                                                   dependent candidates are  the  waning  weeks  of  last
                                                                                                   vying  in  a  multiparty  June  month's  special  election
                                                                                                   5 primary, a group that in-  in  an  open,  overwhelm-
                                                                                                   cludes  a  Republican  who  ingly white House district in
                                                                                                   has  worked  to  scuttle  pro-  western  Pennsylvania  that
                                                                                                   immigrant  sanctuary  city  heavily  backed  Trump  in
                                                                                                   laws and a Democrat who  2016.q
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