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                   Thursday 5 april 2018

            France puts 78,000 security threats on vast police database

            PARIS  (AP)  —  France  has                                                                                         in 2017 alone, according to
            flagged  more  than  78,000                                                                                         the  director  of  the  EU-LISA
            people  as  security  threats                                                                                       agency, Krum Garkov.
            in a database intended to                                                                                           But  a  relatively  unknown
            let  European  police  share                                                                                        provision  in  European  law
            information  on  the  conti-                                                                                        allows  countries  to  flag
            nent's most dangerous resi-                                                                                         people  for  the  "discreet
            dents — more than all other                                                                                         checks" — allowing law en-
            European countries put to-                                                                                          forcement in one country to
            gether — according to an                                                                                            quietly  notify  counterparts
            analysis by The Associated                                                                                          elsewhere of a person's lo-
            Press.  A  German  parlia-                                                                                          cation  and  activities.  Use
            mentarian,  Andrej  Hunko,                                                                                          of  the  system  —  intended
            was  the  first  to  raise  the                                                                                     for  individuals  who  pose  a
            alarm about potential mis-                                                                                          threat  to  national  security
            use of the Schengen Infor-                                                                                          or  public  safety  —  has  ex-
            mation System database in                                                                                           panded  enormously  since
            a  question  to  his  country's                                                                                     Islamic  State  extremists  at-
            Interior  Ministry  about  "dis-                                                                                    tacked Paris and Brussels in
            creet  checks"  —  secret  in-                                                                                      2015 and 2016, from 69,475
            ternational checks on peo-                                                                                          in 2015 to 134,662 last year,
            ple considered a threat to    In this file photo taken on Jan. 23 2018, a solider watches code lines on his computer screen at   according to data from EU-
            national  security  or  pub-  the French Defense ministry stand during the International Cybersecurity forum in Lille, northern   LISA and Germany. If some-
            lic  safety.  He  questioned   France.                                                                              one is flagged for a check,
            whether and why different                                                                          Associated Press  their name will come up for
            countries seemed to apply                                                                                           any  law  enforcement  offi-
            very different criteria.     response to his query.       possible that the measure is  to  the  Europol  database  cial who has stopped them
            "The increase in alerts can-  That  response  included  a  being used on a large scale  and  far  more  widely  used  anywhere  in  Europe  —
            not  be  explained  by  the  spreadsheet  detailing  for  for combatting other crimi-  —  forms  the  backbone  whether  trying  to  cross  an
            threat  of  Islamist  terrorism  the  first  time  how  many  nal activity," Hunko said.  of  European  security,  al-  external  border  or  running
            alone.  Europol  reports  a  people  were  flagged  for  The  number  of  French  en-  lowing  police,  judicial  au-  a red light. But vast dispari-
            four-digit  number  of  con-  checks by each European  tries  by  police  and  intelli-  thorities and other law en-  ties  in  its  use  by  individual
            firmed  foreign  fighters,  yet  country  last  year  —  more  gence agencies "indicates  forcement  to  immediately  countries  raise  questions
            the increase of SIS alerts in  than 134,000 in all.       a misuse" of the system in-  check whether a person is  about  both  the  effective-
            2017  is  several  times  that,"  "This could mean that fami-  tended to monitor danger-  wanted or missing, or a car  ness  of  the  tools  and  the
            Hunko  said  in  a  statement  lies  and  contacts  of  these  ous criminals, he added.  is stolen, or a firearm is legal,  criteria  countries  are  using
            late last month when he re-  individuals  are  also  being  The  overall  Schengen  da-  for example. The database  to  enter  people  into  the
            leased  the  Interior  Ministry  secretly monitored. It is also  tabase — which is separate  was checked 5 billion times  system.q

            Russia ends search of missing Argentina submarine

            By ALMUDENA CALATRAVA                                                                  of deep seafloor searches.   But relatives of the crew say
            BUENOS  AIRES,  Argentina                                                              "The  Russians  have  with-  it's not enough.
            (AP)  —  Argentina's  navy                                                             drawn  ...  and  the  Argen-  "Our  government  is  spin-
            says  Russia  has  ended  its                                                          tine  ships  don't  have  the  ning  its  wheels,"  Tagliapi-
            help  in  the  search  for  an                                                         technology  to  find  it,"  Luis  etra said. "We're in a state
            Argentine  submarine  that                                                             Tagliapietra,  the  father  of  of apathy." The San Juan, a
            disappeared  in  the  South                                                            27-year-old  crew  member  German-built  TR-1700  class
            Atlantic with 44 crew mem-                                                             Alejandro Tagliapietra, told  submarine,  vanished  as  it
            bers aboard.                                                                           the AP.                      was sailing from the south-
            Russia was the last of more                                                            Tagliapietra has joined a ju-  ernmost port of Ushuaia to
            than a dozen foreign coun-                                                             dicial investigation into the  Mar del Plata after a patrol.
            tries that assisted in search-                                                         sub's  disappearance  as  a  The  navy  says  that  the
            ing some 1,500 square miles                                                            plaintiff. He said that other  captain  reported  on  Nov.
            (4,000 square kilometers) of                                                           relatives  of  the  crew  are  15  that  water  entered  the
            the  South  Atlantic  for  the    In this undated file photo provided by the Argentina Navy shows   also asking Argentina's gov-  snorkel and caused one of
            ARA  San  Juan.  The  mul-   the  ARA  San  Juan,  a  German-built  diesel-electric  submarine,   ernment  to  hire  a  private  the sub's batteries to short-
            tinational  search  for  the   near Buenos Aires, Argentina.                           company  based  in  Miami,  circuit.  The  captain  later
            submarine employed some                                               Associated Press  Florida, to carry on with the  communicated that it had
            of the latest technology in                                                            deep-ocean search.           been contained.
            one of the largest efforts of  Argentine Navy spokesman  nas  will  carry  on  with  the  President  Mauricio  Macri  Some hours later, an explo-
            its kind.                    Enrique Balbi confirmed the  search.                      has vowed a full investiga-  sion was detected near the
            An    explosion   occurred  end  of  Russia's  collabora-  Families  of  the  crew  gath-  tion  and  offered  a  $5  mil-  time and place where the
            near  the  time  and  place  tion to The Associated Press  ered  outside  the  Russian  lion  reward  for  information  sub  was  last  heard  from.
            where the sub went missing  late  Tuesday.  He  said  that  Embassy  in  Buenos  Aires  to  find  the  vessel.  Argen-  The  navy  says  the  blast
            on  Nov.  15.  Argentina  has  that Russia's Yantar ocean-  earlier this year asking Rus-  tina is also probing whether  could  have  been  caused
            given  up  hope  of  finding  ographic research ship will  sia  to  continue  searching  there  were  irregularities  in  by a "concentration of hy-
            survivors, but the navy has  return to the port of Buenos  for  their  loved  ones  with  sub's midlife retrofitting that  drogen"  triggered  by  the
            continued  searching  for  Aires  on  April  7,  and  the  ships  that  carry  remotely  was  carried  out  between  battery  problem  reported
            the vessel.                  Argentine  ship  Islas  Malvi-  operated vehicles capable  2008 and 2014.              by the captain.q
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