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            Super Benefit Features

                  Investing through super is considered a tax-effective way to save and prepare for
                  your retirement.  In fact for many Australians, super could grow to be the largest

                  asset owned.  So it’s important to understand how it works, and how you can be
                  in control of your super savings.

            Investment options

            Your Nokia super fund offers a wide range of investment   If you are a new member
            options to suit your financial situation, investment goals
            and preference for risk.                          As a new member joining the fund you will initially be
                                                              invested in the MySuper Lifestage Investment Option
            The three broad options available are:            applicable to your decade of birth; however you can
            •   Asgard MySuper Lifestage investments          change your investment selection at any time.  Contact
                (Default option): This option offers you a    PSK or refer to the Asgard Employee Super Account
                diversified investment portfolio according to your   Product Disclosure Statement  for more information.
                age and lifestage. Your lifestage asset mix is adjusted
                automatically throughout your life to achieve an
                appropriate level of risk and return as you move   MySuper – Default Investment
                closer to retirement.                         There are seven different Asgard MySuper Lifestage
                                                              Investment Options.  Upon joining the fund you will be
            •   Asgard SMA - Funds: This option offers you a
                choice between five pre-set portfolios designed for   invested in the MySuper Lifestage Investment Option
                members seeking stability and consistency of returns   applicable to your decade of birth:
                each tailored to a specific risk profile. You can choose   Asgard MySuper 1940’s Lifestage Investment Option
                from Defensive, Moderate, Balanced, Growth or High   Asgard MySuper 1950’s Lifestage Investment Option
                                                              Asgard MySuper 1960’s Lifestage Investment Option
            •   Asgard Managed Profile: This option allows you
                to take control of your own superannuation by   Asgard MySuper 1970’s Lifestage Investment Option
                choosing the type and mix of investments that you   Asgard MySuper 1980’s Lifestage Investment Option
                want to make up your portfolio. You can choose from
                over 400 managed funds available across a range of   Asgard MySuper 1990’s Lifestage Investment Option
                diversified or single sector funds and investment   Asgard MySuper 2000’s Lifestage Investment Option
                managers, shares and term deposits.

             Nokia Internal Use
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