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            Super checklist

                 Super is an investment for your future.  A PSK financial adviser can help you to
                 understand your company benefit, how you can grow your balance and how best to
                 manage this asset for your retirement. PSK can assist you with super housekeeping
                 basics, accumulation strategies and transition to retirement planning.

                    Nominate a beneficiary                         Ensure your fund has your details
            A beneficiary is a person/s you nominate to receive   Maintaining current contact details on your account
            your super benefits (death benefit) if you die. Without   ensures you will always receive important updates
            a beneficiary, your fund Trustee makes this decision;   regarding your super and insurance updates ongoing.
            payment of benefits is also slowed.

                                                                   Features & benefits
                  Consolidate your super
                                                              Check if your fund offers a range of discounts on financial
            Consider consolidating all your super accounts into one   and lifestyle products. Do you know how to access these
            fund to save fees and keep track of your balance. Check   benefits?
            exit fees and insurance cover which may discontinue and   Family Member Accounts may also be available.
            cannot be replicated before consolidating.

                                                                   Contribute to super
                  Investment strategy
                                                              Will relying on your employer’s super guarantee
            Is your fund’s default investment option the right one to   contributions provide sufficient funds to achieve your
            help you achieve your financial goals? Are you aware of   retirement goals? You can make additional contributions
            other options available via your fund’s investment menu?
                                                              to super – note limits apply. Seek professional guidance
                                                              and understand potential tax implications first.

                  Check your insurance
            Insurance provides a contingency plan to protect you and
            your family against financial hardship and stress should
            the unexpected occur. Is your existing insurance adequate
            for your needs?

                                Book an obligation and cost free consultation with a
                              PSK financial adviser  - a 30 minute discussion can help
                                         you to start sorting out your super.

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