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            Become a member

                 Becoming a member of the Nokia Service Limited Super Fund is easy.  Read
                 below the simple step by step instructions to join Nokia’s tailored fund which
                 offers you a range of features and optional extras.

            Upon joining the Nokia Service Limited super fund you’ll
            receive a welcome pack from Asgard.  As a member
            of the Nokia superannuation plan with Asgard you
            will receive two account statements annually from the
            Trustee and have online access to your super account.

            Next steps—what do I need to do now?

            1.  Advise your employer of your chosen super

            2.  Complete your superannuation
                “housekeeping” list - refer to the ‘Super
                checklist’ (next page )

            3.  Contact PSK for further assistance as

            What happens if I leave the company?
            It is important to be aware of changes which may occur   For queries or further
            to your super and insurance arrangements upon ceasing   assistance regarding your
            employment. For example corporate fee discounts may     Nokia super or insurance
            no longer apply and insurance premium costs             benefit contact:
            may increase.
                                                                    PSK Financial Services
                                                                    02 9324 8847

                                                                    Level 6, 44 Market Street,
                                                                    Sydney NSW 2000


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