Page 10 - Setting the Stage - Strategic Plan through 2024
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         Key Performance Indicators

         We affirm that quantitative data is key to understanding Stages’ success toward achieving the four core goals of this
         strategic plan. To that end, we have devised a list of key performance indicators (KPIs) that represent the overall
         health of Stages. If we are achieving our artistic and community engagement goals, we will experience a deepening
         of relationships with patrons measured through performance attendance and philanthropic participation.

         Each of the following KPIs are tracking performance during the full strategic planning period, from the beginning of
         FY20 through the end of FY24 (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2024). These KPIs were revised in June 2020 to evaluate
         metrics alongside our COVID-19 operating environment. We will continue to make adjustments through the course
         of the plan, as necessary, to address changing operating conditions.

                  INCREASE the                       INCREASE annual                      INCREASE the
                     number of                       PHILANTHROPIC                      number of ANNUAL
             SEASON SUBSCRIBERS                       SUPPORT from                        FUND DONORS
                   from 1,909 to                      $2,114,374 to                         from 627 to
                   3,074                        $3,500,000                                  1,010

                     RAISE the                                                            INCREASE  total
                 PERCENTAGE of                     HOST 100                              annual ARTISTIC
                  SUBSCRIBERS                                                              INVESTMENT
               who are also DONORS                     NON-STAGES                       from $1,749,754 to
                    from 26% to                  EVENTS and ACTIVITIES               $2,750,000

                                                        at our venue

         SEASON SUBSCRIBERS:                                    SUBSCRIBER-DONORS:
         Total number of subscription packages sold for         Total percentage of subscriber households who also
         the season.                                            made a donation to the Annual Fund for the season.

         ANNUAL PHILANTHROPIC SUPPORT:                          NON-STAGES EVENTS:
         All Annual Fund and special events support for         Events and activities that are not centered on
         the season.                                            participation from Stages’ staff, artists and audiences.

         ANNUAL FUND DONORS:                                    ARTISTIC INVESTMENT:
         Number of households who made a donation to            Artistic, education and production compensation
         the Annual Fund for the season; does not include       and expenses.
         foundations, corporations or government.
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