Page 9 - Setting the Stage - Strategic Plan through 2024
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8  STAGES  -  STRATEGIC PLAN THROUGH 2024                       STAGES  -  STRATEGIC PLAN THROUGH 2024           9

             4        Build equity, diversity and inclusion

                      in our Stages community

             STRATEGY #1                                           STRATEGY #3
             Identify, recruit, develop and retain diverse         Attract and engage audiences across the full
             artists, staff and board members.                     spectrum of diversity.

             Tactics                                               Tactics
             •  Operationalize hiring individuals from diverse,    •  Continue engagement of play selection
                underrepresented communities.                         committee to review scripts for inclusion
                                                                      in season.
             •  Diversify the Nominating and Governance
                Committee of the board.                            •  Introduce performances with ASL
             •  Develop new channels for recruitment.
                                                                   •  Launch use of GalaPro for captioning and

             STRATEGY #2                                           •  Expand sensory friendly performance
             Inspire an ongoing dialogue around issues of
             equity, diversity and inclusion.

             Tactics                                               STRATEGY #4
             •  Create EDI content for every playbill.             Share power, authority and influence across the
             •  Develop a program for onboarding new staff,
                artists and board.
             •  Provide ongoing training for staff, artists
                and board.                                         •  Continue staff engagement in recruiting
                                                                      process through cultural and functional
             •  Host an annual EDI forum.                             interview groups.

                                                                   •  Engage staff team in Management Team
                                                                      initiatives and work.

                                                                   •  Continue full staff shared leadership meeting
                                                                      format. Explore use for other groups.

                                                                   •  Evaluate the EDI work groups and provide
                                                                      more resources to process; change group
         PEOPLE                                                       leadership annually; involve executive

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