Page 8 - Setting the Stage - Strategic Plan through 2024
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             3        Strengthen creative capacities of

                      Houston theater artists, technicians

                      and administrators

             STRATEGY #1                                           STRATEGY #3
             Provide structured development opportunities for      Support theater administrators with training,
             emerging artists and technicians.                     tools and resources.

             Tactics                                               Tactics
             •  Expand Stages’ existing internship program         •  Develop strategies that support succession
                to include a wider range of participants,             within the organization.
                new partner organizations, and additional          •  Provide financial resources for training and
                focus areas; ensure active skill development          professional development opportunities.
                beyond performance of job tasks.
                                                                   •  Create an internship program for
             •  Develop a mentorship program for emerging             administrators.
                artists and technicians.
                                                                   •  Create professional development plans for
                                                                      each staff member.
                                                                   •  Plan for annual capital investment for new
             STRATEGY #2                                              tools and technology.
             Create ongoing professional development for
             established artists and technicians.                  •  Increase overall staff knowledge and field
                                                                      expertise through cross-functional learning
             •  Activate established artists to share
                experience by teaching and mentoring in
                Stages programs.                                   STRATEGY #4
                                                                   Empower artists and technicians to be more
             •  Participation in exchange programs with            active stakeholders in Stages.
                other regional theaters for established artists
                and technicians.
             •  Create, administer and host a year-round           Tactics
                program of multi-disciplinary workshops            •  Centralize all HR data for artistic/production
                for artists and technicians including                 hires.
                opportunities for cross-functional learning.       •  Provide a structured forum for community
                                                                      conversation about field issues and ideas.
                                                                   •  Review employment benefits for artists
                                                                      and technicians.
                                                                   •  Host regular artist meetings for artists
                                                                      engaged in current season.
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